Maryanne Amacher : selected writings and interviews /

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Blank Forms Editions,, Brooklyn, NY, United States, p.398 pages : (2020)



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(OCoLC)fst00871620, Composers, Composers., fast, Interviews., United States


Includes bibliographical references and index.Introduction: "Premature attempts to think about ways of indicating [...] range of (B) with given A intervals. Part of the 'understanding ritual.' Before finding approach." / Amy Cimini and Bill Dietz -- I. Letter to parents -- Audjoins--a suite for audjoined rooms : Arcade ; Adjacencies -- In city : "In city, Buffalo 1967" ; In city schedule -- Untitled note -- II. Interview with Barbara Golden -- Long distance music : "Long distance music" ; Five text pieces -- City-links : Notes for press releases ; Letter to Tom Crosby ; Press releases ; Notes on photo documentation -- "Anywhere city" -- III. Interview with Norman Pelligrini -- Selections from 'Additional tones' workbook IV : "Difference formulas, fundamental tracking" ; "Basic experiments" ; "Second series" -- Notes on musics for the Merce Cunningham Dance Company : "Labyrinth gives way to skin" ; "Remainder. '18. ] R [ ] D [ = An afterimage. (Also used as a classifier of seeds.)'" -- Empty words/Close-up : Letter to Wolfgang Becker ; Selections from a National Endowment for the Arts application for the publication of Empty words/Close-up -- IV. Interview with Jeffrey Bartone -- Living sound (Patent pending) : Storyboard for Living sound (Patent pending) ; "Living sound (Patent pending)" -- Project notes: Music for sound joined rooms -- "About the Mini sound series" -- Intelligent life : Letter to Wies Smals and Josine van Droffelaar ; "Dynamic range: 'The head stretch'" ; Letter to John Cage -- V. Interview with Eliot Handelman -- "Synaptic island: a psybertonal topology" ; "Partial VR/Cyberspace reading list" -- Selections from "Concept summary - The Levi-Montalcini variations for the Kronos String Quartet" -- Selections from a Woodstack '94 folder -- Thanks Be to Grandmother Winifred Foundation application -- VI. Interview with Frank J. Oteri -- "Rare and unusual atmospheres" -- Email to Micah Silver -- "Thinking of Karlheinz Stockhausen" -- Afterword. "--even monsters need sleep." / Keiko Prince on Maryanne Amacher as told to Kabir Carter, Amy Cimini, and Bill Dietz.