Living Metal Metal Scenes around the World.

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Intellect Books Ltd,, Bristol, United Kingdom, p.1 online resource (310 p.). (2021)



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Description based upon print version of record.Introduction.Front Cover -- Half Title -- Living Metal: Metal Scenes around the World -- Copyright Page -- Table of contents -- List of Figures -- Acknowledgments -- Foreword -- Introduction -- References -- 1 From the Ashes of the Fallen Empire:: Heavy Metal and Community in Postapartheid South Africa -- Black, white, and red all over -- Gauteng's metal scene today -- Methodology -- Age, scene participation, and the communal experience -- Race and gender -- Metal and masculinity -- Conclusion -- Acknowledgments -- Notes -- References -- 2 Polar Fate: Mapping Metal at the Southern Edge of the WorldIntroduction -- Northernness meets metalness -- Looking to the Southern edge of the world -- Slaughterhouse gothic: Metal in Southland -- Protestant gothic: Metal in Otago -- The dark pastoral: Metal in Tasmania -- Conclusion -- Notes -- References -- 3 The Enemy Within: Conceptualizing Turkish Metalheads as the Ideological "Other" -- First encounters with the unknown -- Satanic scare -- "The final resistance?" -- Internal otherization -- Blasphemy and transgressive subcultural capital -- Concluding remarks -- Notes -- References4 "Métal noir épique patriotique": Analysis of Historical, Sociological, and Cultural Discourses Uniting métal noir québécois and Québec Society -- Defining the concept of nationalism in the sociohistorical context of the province -- The first period of the scene: The rise and development of black metal in the Province of Québec (1993-2000) -- The musical and thematic characteristics of the groups -- The independence question in the Québec society in the 1990s -- The second period of the scene: The growth of the scene and the formation of the MNQ (2001-09)The rise of MNQ community: Nationalism expressed through a narrative identity -- The revival of the independentist question in Québec society (2001-09) -- The third period of the scene: Between the stagnation and the professionalization of the black metal scene (2010-17) -- The decline of the sovereigntist question in Québec society (2010-17) -- The distinctions and similarities characterizing the narrative identity of the MNQ and of Québec society -- Conclusion -- Notes -- References5 Living Sonic Knowledge in South-Eastern Austria: The Sound History of the Metal Scene in Graz and Styria, c.1980 to the Present -- Introduction -- The theoretical lens: The sound history and the sonic knowledge of local metal scenes -- The sound history of the Styrian metal scene since the early 1980s: A chronological overview -- "How exactly does this sound history work?": The Metal on the Hill festival in Graz as a recent example of the Styrian scene's sonic knowledge -- Conclusion -- Acknowledgments -- Notes -- References -- 6 Heavy Metal Scene in Osaka: Localness Now and ThenThis collection of thirteen essays is an exploration of metal scenes throughout the world, from Dayton to Hull, from Copenhagen to Osaka. Unique portrayal of how these scenes developed, are experienced by fans, and are influenced by the contexts in which they are embedded. Foreword by Henkka Seppälä. 41 images.