Legions of boom : Filipino American mobile DJ crews in the San Francisco Bay Area /

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Wang, Oliver,


p.xiii, 218 pages : (2015)

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20th century., California, Disc jockeys, Ethnic identity., Filipino American youth, Filipino Americans, History, Music


Includes bibliographical references (pages 203-212) and index.A legion of boom -- Cue it up: social preconditions for the mobile scene -- Team building: mobile crew formations -- Unlimited creations: the mobile scene takes off -- Imaginings: building community in the showcase era -- Take me out with the fader: the decline of the mobile scene -- Echo effects -- Captains of the field: San Francisco drill teams -- Born versus sworn: Filipino American youth gangs.Chronicles the history of the San Francisco Bay Area Filipino American mobile DJ scene of the late 1970s through the mid-1990s. He shows how DJ crews helped unify the Bay Area's Filipino American community, gave its members social status and brotherhood, and drew huge crowds. --Publisher's description.