The Kiwi Pacific Records story Tony Vercoe, talking with Tony Martin

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Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand : Steele Roberts Aotearoa Publishers, p.208 pages : colour illustrations (2017)



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1919 -; Sound recording executives and producers New Zealand Biography; Sound recording industry New Zealand History;, Tony, Vercoe


<p>These interviews trace <span class="highlight customHighlight">Kiwi Pacific Records</span> from its beginnings as a division of publishers AH &amp; AW Reed Ltd, through its period as <span class="highlight customHighlight">the</span> subsidiary Reed <span class="highlight customHighlight">Pacific Records</span> Ltd, to its independence as <span class="highlight customHighlight">Kiwi Pacific Records</span>, all under <span class="highlight customHighlight">the</span> direction of Tony Vercoe. At <span class="highlight customHighlight">the</span> age of 70, when he sold <span class="highlight customHighlight">the</span> company as a going concern, Tony left it with a substantial catalogue of wide variety and unique archival value. Eminent New Zealand composer Douglas Lilburn summed up <span class="highlight customHighlight">the</span> enterprising undertaking that was <span class="highlight customHighlight">Kiwi Pacific Records</span>: ' It was a great day when Tony Vercoe set up his own firm and decided to promote recordings of New Zealand music ... <span class="highlight customHighlight">Kiwi Records</span> became for many years a focal point for a developing awareness of our musical identities encouraging and fostering our talents in a practical way, and professionally giving us a new and vastly wider audience both here and overseas"-- Back cover.&nbsp;</p>