Innovation in music : performance, production, technology, and business /

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New York, NY :, United States, p.ix, 529 pages : (2019)

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Music, Music and technology., Music trade., Performance., Production and direction., Sound recordings


Includes bibliographical references and index."A Focal Press book"--cover.Performance. Transforming musical performance : the audience as performer / Adrian York ; Using electroencephalography to explore cognitive-cultural networks and ecosystemic performance environments for improvisation / Tim Sawyer ; Press play on tape : 8-bit composition on the Commodore 64 / Kenny McAlpine ; Defining and evaluating the performance of electronic music / Jenn Kirby ; Perspectives on musical time and human/machine agency in the development of performance systems for live electronic music / Paul Vandemast-Bell & John Ferguson ; Visual agency and liveness in the performance of electronic music / Tim Canfer ; Liveness and interactivity in popular music / Si Waite ; How algorithmic composition prompts innovative movement design in full-body taiko drumming / Stu Lambert -- Production. Collective creativity : a service model of commercial pop music production at PWL in the 1980s / Paul Thompson & Phil Harding ; Mix & persona : analyzing rejected mixes / Dan Sanders ; Mixing beyond the box : analyzing contemporary mixing practice / Alex Stevenson ; Optimizing vocal clarity in the mix / Kirsten Hermes ; Plugging in : exploring innovation in plugin design and utilization / Andrew Bourbon ; Mixing and recording a small orchestral ensemble to create a large orchestral sound / Jenna Doyle ; Committing to tape : questioning progress narratives in contemporary studio production / Joe Watson -- Technology. Harnessing ancillary microgestures in piano technique : implementing microgestural control into an expressive keyboard-based hyper-instrument / Niccolo Granieri, James Dooley & Tychonas Michailidis -- Mamic goes live : a music programming system for non-specialist delivery / Mat Dalgleish & Chris Payne -- Translating mixed multichannel electroacoustic music with acoustic soloist to the personal stereophonic listening space : a case study in Jorge Gregorio García / Simon Hall ; Acoustic transmission of metadata in audio files using sonic quick response codes (SQRC) / Mark Sheppard, Rob Toulson & Jorg Fachner ; Evaluating analog reconstruction performance of transient digital audio workstation signals at high- and standard- resolution sample frequencies / Rob Toulson -- Business. Can music samples be cleared more easily? Development of an automated process to clear music samples for legal creative reuse / Stephen Partridge -- (re)Engineering the cultural object : sonic pasts in hip-hop's future / Mike Exarchos ; Anticipating the cryptopirate : don't bury treasure and other potential preventative measures / Patrick Twaddle ; Can i get a witness? The significance of contracts in an age of musical abundance / Sally Gross ; The end of a golden era of British music? Exploration of educational gaps in the current UK creative industry strategy / Carola Boehm.