A history of western philosophy of music

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Cambridge University Press,, Cambridge, United Kingdom ;New York, NY, United States, p.x, 384 pages ; (2023)

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fast, Music, Musique, Philosophie et esthétique, Philosophy and aesthetics


Includes bibliographical references (pages 357-379) and index.The ancient world -- The middle ages -- The early modern period : 1500-1800 -- The modern period : 1800-1950 -- The contemporary period."This book presents a comprehensive, accessible survey of Western philosophy of music from Pythagoras to the present. Its narrative traces themes and schools through history, in a sequence of five chapters that survey the ancient, medieval, early modern, modern and contemporary periods. Its wide-ranging coverage includes medieval Islamic thinkers, Continental and analytic thinkers, and neglected female thinkers such as Vernon Lee (Violet Paget). All aspects of the philosophy of music are discussed, including music and the cosmos, music's value, music's relation to the other arts, the problem of opera, the origins of musical genius, music's emotional impact, the moral effects of music, the ontology of musical works, and the relevance of music's historical context. The volume will be valuable for students and scholars in philosophy and musicology, and all who are interested in the ways in which philosophers throughout history have thought about music." --