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Beaster-Jones J.  2015.  Bollywood sounds: the cosmopolitan mediations of Hindi film song. :xx,240pages:illustrations;25cm.
Beatty B.  2022.  Play all night! : Duane Allman and the journey to Fillmore East /. :xiii,257pages:.
Beaucage R.  2019.  Musique actuelle : topographie d'un genre : autour du FIMAV et de quelques autres festivals (Montréal, Paris, Québec, Reykjavik, Venise...) /. :209pages:.
Beaujour T, Bienstock R.  2021.  Nöthin' but a good time : the uncensored history of the '80s hard rock explosion /. :xix,535pages,16unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Beaulne J, Amédée PJuste.  2016.  Le dernier des Baronets.
Beaumont M.  2013.  Bon Iver . :v,231pages,16unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Beausang I, De Barra S.  2018.  Ina Boyle (1889-1967): a composer's life. :viii,192pages.
Beaven Z, O'Dair M, Osborne R.  2020.  Mute Records : artists, business, history /. :1volume:.
Beckerman M., Boghossian P..  2021.  Classical Music Contemporary Perspectives and Challenges.. :1onlineresource(254p.).
Beckh H, Stott A, Stott M, Franklin N, Binder K.  2019.  The mystery of musical creativity : the human being and music /. :vi,181pages:.
Beckham V.  2013.  Learning to fly : the autobiography /. :x,517pages,32unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Beckley P.  2018.  Groove and grow : a report developed through a collaborative research project between soundLINCS and Bishop Grosseteste University /. :35pages:.
Bedford S, Gillett C.  2021.  Knowing Britten . :xiii,194pages:.
Beecroft N.  2015.  Conversations with post World War II pioneers of electronic music.
Beecroft N.  2018.  Conversations with Post World War II Pioneers of Electronic Music.
Beer LE, Birnbaum JC.  2023.  Trauma-informed music therapy : theory and practice /. :xx,163p:.
Beer C..  2011.  Merched Celtaidd : dathlu merched trwy gerddoriaeth a'r celfydyddau = Celtic women : celebrating women through music & the arts /. :52p.:.
Begbie J.  2013.  Music, modernity, and God : essays in listening /. :261pages:.
Begbie J, Chua DKL, Rathey M.  2021.  Theology, music, and modernity : struggles for freedom /. :1onlineresource(400pages):.
Beghin T.  2022.  Beethoven's French piano : a tale of ambition and frustration /. :xxi,410pages,8unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Begnal MS.  2022.  The music and noise of the Stooges, 1967-71 : lost in the future /. :1onlineresource(viii,193pages).
Beith R.  2018.  A tribute to Rudolf Firkušný, 1912-1994 : protégé of Leoš Janáček and lifelong friend of Bohuslav Martinů /. no. 9:viii,92pages:.
Beitia-Bastida M-Á.  2019.  Oír y pensar la música en el siglo XX: un ensayo de filosofía de la música. :295p..
Bejarano-Pellicer C.  2019.  Los Medina: Redes económicas y sociales en torno a una familia de músicos entre el Renacimiento y el Barroco. :318p..
Bejarano-Pellicer C.  2015.  Los sonidos de la ciudad. El paisaje sonoro de Sevilla, siglos XVI al XVIII:. :316p..