Haydn's last creative period

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Brepols,, Volume volume 42, Turnhout , Belgium, p.xiv, 365 pages : (2021)



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Principally in English; 1 contribution in German.This volume focuses on one of the most crucial parts of Haydn's career--a key era in which the experiments of the 1770s arrived at the consolidation and definition of new compositional forms and practices in the 1780s. The "mature" Haydn represents a musician marked by full creative ferment in all musical genres and reveals the profile of a composer at the peak of his career. Through new research, this book examines the views of Haydn's compositional practice as both self-aware and as adaptations based on the public's changing tastes. Such was an achievement that Haydn obtained without betraying the principles of balance, solidity and expressiveness that he developed during decades of musical practice at the Esterházy court.Includes abstracts in English.Includes bibliographical references and index.