György Ligeti's cultural identities

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Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group,, United Kingdom, p.xviii, 270 pages ; (2018)

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20th century, History and criticism., Music


"An Ashgate book"--Front cover.Includes bibliographical references and index.Music in the technological era / György Ligeti with Hans Heinz Stickenschmidt ; translated and annotated by Louise Duchesneau -- "... Music is a bit like love - you do it, but you don't talk about it" / Louise Duchesneau -- The innate melodist / Richard Steinitz -- Ligeti's musical style as expression of cultural trauma / Wolfgang Marx -- Making it home? : The natural sciences as a site of belonging in György Ligeti's music / Frederik Knop -- Reflections on Ligeti's Jewish identity : unknown documents from his Cluj years / Heidy Zimmermann -- Ligeti and Romanian folk music : an insight from the Paul Sacher Foundation / Bianca Tiplea Temes -- Ligeti and the beginnings of Bartók analysis in Hungary / Anna Dalos -- Bartók, Ligeti and the innovative middle road / Peter Edwards -- From row to Klang : Ligeti's reception of Anton Webern's music / Ingrid Pustijanac -- Genre as émigré : the return of the repressed in Ligeti's second quartet / Amy Bauer -- Sketches reflecting the images of San Francisco / Kyoko Okumura -- Ironic self-portraits? : Ligeti's Hungarian Rock and Passacaglia ungherese / Márton Kerékfy -- Tragedy and irony : the passacaglia of the violin concerto / Volker Helbing.