Folk and songs in Japan and beyond : ethnomusicological essays in honour of David W. Hughes /

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Cambridge Scholars Publishing,, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, p.xv, 295 pages : (2022)

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(OCoLC)fst00929968, (OCoLC)fst01030269, fast, Folk songs, Japanese, Folk songs, Japanese., History and criticism., Japan, Music, Music.


In honour of David W. HughesIncludes bibliographical references.This volume of essays and research papers is dedicated to David Hughes in honour of his contribution to research, teaching and dissemination of the music of Japan, South-East Asia, and other countries over many years. Dr Hughes' academic output from the 1970s to the present has covered many aspects of Japanese traditional music-making, in particular the min'yō (folk song) genre of which he remains the primary scholar outside Japan. His groundbreaking work has also encompassed theories of musical grammars, oral notation systems in cross-cultural perspective, as well as several papers on cultural heritage and preservation societies. The contributors to this volume comprise many of David's former students, as well as scholars from Japan and elsewhere with whom Dr Hughes has collaborated over the years. The papers reflect the depth and breadth of Hughes' research output, demonstrating his continuing influence over ethnomusicologists around the world.Tōkyō Ondo in historical perspective: Nakayama Shimpei, geisha singers, and new folk song / Hosokawa Shūhei -- Orality in Naniwa-bushi: the Taikōki cycle of pieces / Alison Tokita -- Musical styles in Kumiudui: Ryukyuan traditional music drama / Kaneshiro Atsumi -- No nonsense revisited: the application of oral mnemonics to the Japanese shakuhachi / Christian Mau -- Vocal identities & pedagogies of the voice in twentieth-century Ryukyuan classical music / Matt Gillan -- Excavating the Cuban Batá's drum language / Amanda Villepastour -- Folk is cool: the dissemination of Min'yō shakuhachi outside Japan / Kiku Day -- The sounds of nanyin and the shifting identities of the Hokkien community in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam / Hwee-San Tan -- Cultural boundaries & interactions between immigrants & hosts: Chinese performing arts in Japan's Chinatowns / Shino Arisawa -- Six provocations on decolonizing music and critical race discourses / Shzr Ee Tan.