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Keefe SP.  2023.  Haydn and Mozart in the long nineteenth century : parallel and intersecting patterns of reception /. :xi,254pages;.
Blum A, Goldberg P, Levin M.  2023.  Here I'm alive : the spirit of music in psychoanalysis /. :1onlineresource(xix,304pages).
Unger MP.  2023.  Historical dictionary of choral music . :xvi,671pages:.
Herbert T, Clarke M, Barlow H.  2023.  A history of Welsh music . :1onlineresource(xxxiv,444pages):.
Rita H.  2023.  The history of Western art music in quotes . :600.
Young JO.  2023.  A history of western philosophy of music . :x,384pages;.
Larson JB.  2023.  Hit girls : women of punk in the USA, 1975-1983 /. :306pages:.
Herstand A.  2023.  How to make it in the new music business : practical tips on building a loyal following and making a living as a musician /. :xxii,627pages:.
Ferić M.  2023.  Hrvatsko pjevačko društvo "Davor" u Brodu na Savi / Slavonskom brodu: 1871-2021. :249.
Stanko L.  2023.  Hrvatsko pjevačko društvo Petar Zrinski u Vrbovcu: Hrvatsko kulturno-umjetničko društvo Petar Zrinski: 1912.-2022.. :268.
Powell SRobert.  2023.  The ideology of competition in school music . :1onlineresource(x,173pages).
Ágnes S.  2023.  Így muzsikáltunk : Déki Lakatos Sándor cigányprímás élet- és családtörténete . :289.
McAuliffe S.  2023.  Improvisation in music and philosophical hermeneutics . :226pages;.
Mortensen JJ.  2023.  Improvising fugue : a method for keyboard artists /. :xiv,341pages:.
Sampath V.  2023.  Indian classical music and the gramophone, 1900-1930 . :1onlineresource(xxi,240pages).
Margetts L.  2023.  Intercultural music therapy consultation research : shared humanity in collaborative theory and practice /. :xiv,180pages:.
Gordon L.  2023.  International trade and the music industry : live music services from the Caribbean /. :1onlineresource(xii,110pages):.
Scoggin L, Plank DM.  2023.  The intersection of animation, video games, and music : making movement sing /. :1onlineresource(xviii,220pages):.
Brehm B.  2023.  Kaleidophonic modernity : transatlantic sound, technology, and literature /. :281pages:.
Tirén K, Ternhag G, Kjellström R, Ternhag G, Stoor K.  2023.  Karl Tirén : den samiska folkmusiken.
Szilárd JBéla.  2023.  Kelemen László : Erdélyből a világ . :126.
König JManuel Izq.  2023.  Kickstarting Italian opera in the Andes : the 1840s and the first opera companies /. :1onlineresource(66pages).
Littleton D, Sole M.  2023.  Knowing the children we teach : essays on music learning /. :xvii,130pages:.
McPhail G.  2023.  Knowledge and music education : a social realist account /. :xi,243pages:.
Rita G, Péter O, Melinda B.  2023.  Kocsár Miklós . Magyar zeneszerzők. 13:67.