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Vernallis C, Rogers H, Perrott L.  2020.  Transmedia directors : artistry, industry, and new audiovisual aesthetics /. :xvii,509pages;.
Deschenes B.  2022.  Transmusicality = Transmuzikalnost : mastering a music from another culture . Muzikologija bez granica = Musicologie sans frontieres. :162.
Martin T.  2020.  Transnational flamenco : exchange and the individual in British and Spanish flamenco culture /. :1volume:.
Sterling C.  2019.  Transnational trills in the Africana world . :1onlineresource(1volume)..
Martínez-Peláez A.  2019.  Transversalidad en la investigación de las artes y la creación musical. Arte y Humanidades. :206.
Bradley D, Hess J.  2022.  Trauma and resilience in music education : haunted melodies /. :1onlineresource(viii,224pages).
Beer LE, Birnbaum JC.  2023.  Trauma-informed music therapy : theory and practice /. :xx,163p:.
Malone B, Malone BC.  2022.  Traveler : the musical odyssey of Tim O'Brien /. volume 8:vii,219pages:.
Ogus A.I.  2013.  Travels with my opera glasses : a fanatic's tales of delights and disappointments /. :195pages;.
Jonášová M, Volek T.  2019.  Tre opere su Don Giovanni per Praga : Caldara 1730 - Righini 1776 - Mozart 1787 /. IV:287stran:.
Day B.  2012.  The treasures of Noël Coward : star quality /. :61pages:.
Kádár AJ.  2016.  A trecento költészete és a zene . :112p..
Beith R.  2018.  A tribute to Rudolf Firkušný, 1912-1994 : protégé of Leoš Janáček and lifelong friend of Bohuslav Martinů /. no. 9:viii,92pages:.
Eősze L, Szomory G.  2015.  Trisztán és Aida : séták az opera világában : válogatott tanulmányok. :107p..
Cohen S, Jennings R, Grenier L.  2022.  Troubling inheritances : memory, music, and aging /. :vi,222pages:.
Malmborg J.  2020.  Trubbel : berättelsen om Olle Adolphson.
Booth S.  2012.  The true adventures of the Rolling Stones . 16:xi,552pages:.
Turner F.  2020.  Try this at home : adventures in songwriting /. :1volume;.
Ramsten M, Strand K, Ternhag G.  2015.  Tryckta visor : perspektiv på skillingtryck som källmaterial.
Maruyama T..  2016.  Tsugawa shuichi no shōgai to gyōseki : kami to hito to ongaku toni tsukaete /. :253pages;.
Gunji M.  2016.  Tsuruya nanboku : kabuki ga unda mukyōyō no hyōgen shugi /. 2378:221pages;.
Anna D.  2021.  Tudós nő a Horthy-korszakban : Prahács Margit (1893-1974) . Musicologia Hungarica. 1:46.
Meredith S.  2020.  Tuk music tradition in Barbados . :1volume;.
Shields H, Shields L.  2013.  Tunes of the Munster pipers: Irish traditional music from the James Goodman manuscripts, volume 2. Studies in Irish traditional music. :xxx,282pages.
Pedersen INygaard, Lindvang C, Beck BDaniels, Willert S, Odell-Miller H.  2023.  Tuning the therapist : a training model to tune the therapist /. :362pages:.