Europske orguljske škole od 16. do 19. stoljeća : povijesna izvođačka praksa = European organ schools from the 16th to the 19th century: historical performance practice

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Manualia Universitatis studiorum Zagrabiensis, Zagreb : Sveučilište u Zagrebu Muzička akademija, Croatia, p.407 (2022)




European organ schools history, organ historical performance practice


<p>The book European Organ Schools from the 16th to the 19th Century covers not only organographic data and organ development from the Renaissance to Romanticism, but also deals with the stylistic characteristics of instruments and music in those periods in all major European organ schools. In addition to the historical overview for each of the listed organ schools, the book details the most prominent composers, specific organ musical forms, peculiarities of instrument construction types according to national characteristics, ways of registration and ornamentation and features of interpretation. Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, Dutch, English, South German and North German schools are covered. A special chapter is devoted to J. S. Bach and theories of the affects in the German Baroque. In addition to the French organ school, a special chapter is dedicated to the Croatian organ tradition. The final chapter presents a series of essays that deal with an interdisciplinary approach to interpretation through the author’s personal views on communication issues and colouristic aspects of music.</p>