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Lund T..  2022.  Speltoken : Hugo Alfvén och rosens klang /. nr 153:519pages:.
Cradduck L..  2023.  Spiritual Dimensions in the Music of Edmund Rubbra . :1onlineresource.
Abromeit KA.  2015.  Spirituals : a multidisciplinary bibliography for research and performance . volume 38:xiv,301pages;.
Cone JH, Gilkes C.  2022.  The spirituals and the blues : an interpretation /. :xxv,146pages;.
Curnow W, Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery.  2018.  Splash five 1987 : From Scratch special issue 2018. :129.
-T I, , Century D.  2022.  Split decision : life stories /. :1onlineresource.
Crawford S, Saah J, Connolly C.  2017.  Spoke : images and stories from the 1980s Washington, DC punk scene /. :128pages:.
Nösner D..  2023.  Sponsorship culture in the German university popular music festival market . volume 6:257pages:.
C. M.  2022.  The sporty one : my life as a Spice Girl /. :x,418pages,16unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Carlsson S, Leijonhufvud J.  2019.  Spotify inifrån : så blir man störst i världen.
Eriksson M, Fleischer R, Johansson A, Snickars P, Vonderau P.  2019.  Spotify teardown : inside the black box of streaming music /. :ix,276pages:.
Madden C.  2020.  Springsteen as soundtrack : the sound of the Boss in film and television /. :x,232pages:.
Springsteen B, Burger J.  2013.  Springsteen on Springsteen : interviews, speeches, encounters /. :xx,428pages:.
Statham C..  2013.  Springsteen : saint in the city, 1949-1974 /. :xviii,235pages,16unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Hansén S.  2015.  Springsteens hjärta, boom-boom.
Tamvakos T.  2017.  Spyridōn-Filiskos Samaras (17.11.1861 - 25.3.1917) : Episēmē diskografia (1904-2016). Symvolē sta 100 chronia apo tēn endēmia tou = Σπυρίδων - Φιλίσκος Σαμάρας: επίσημη δισκογραφία (1904-2016) · συμβολή στα 100 χρόνια από την εκδημία του. :122p..
Deters S.  2019.  St Cecilia's Hall : museum highlights /. :78pages:.
Hunt J.  2013.  Staatskapelle Berlin : discography 1916-1962 /. :220pages;.
Hamann DL.  2013.  On staff : a practical guide to starting your career in a university music department /. :xvi,219pages;.
Waters R.  2022.  The stage works of Philip Glass . :xix,257pages:.
Carter T, Fantappiè F.  2021.  Staging Euridice : theatre, sets, and music in late renaissance Florence /. :xxix,252pages:.
White M.  2019.  Staging musicals : an essential guide /. :1onlineresource..
Browne SElizabeth.  2023.  Staging rebellion in the musical, Hair : marginalised voices in musical theatre /. :1onlineresource(xiv,179pages):.
Grover-Friedlander M.  2022.  Staging voice . :1onlineresource(xiv,129pages):.
Frolova-Walker M.  2016.  Stalin's music prize : Soviet culture and politics /. :xi,369pages:.