Do you remember house? : Chicago's queer of color undergrounds /

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New York, NY : Oxford University Press,, United States, p.xiv, 334 pages : (2019)

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(OCoLC)fst00799179, (OCoLC)fst00962006, (OCoLC)fst01738576, African American gays, African American gays., fast, History and criticism., Homosexuality and popular music, Homosexuality and popular music., House music, House music., Illinois


Includes bibliographical references and index.Part I. This is how it started. 1. Like a phoenix from the ashes : Socio-sonic memory and proto-House geographies -- 2. The Warehouse and The Music Box : Nurturing Chicago House music culture -- 3. Remediating the underground : Teen parties, disco punk, and hot mix radio -- 4. The end of the first decade : House music crosses over and moves out.Part II. It's not over. 5. "Is it all over my face?" : Sounding a communal love ethic at the chosen few old school reunion picnic -- 6. Are you ready to get your life? : Performing neostalgia and wildness in Chicago's contemporary queer club scene -- 7. Dancing in brave spaces -- Coda.