Dimitri Mitropoulos and his works in the 1920s : the introduction of musical modernism in Greece /

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Athens : Hellenic Music Center ; Marios Nikolaidis Music House - Edition Orpheus, Greece, p.xxvii, 389 pages : (2016)


6188000637; 9786188000636

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OCLC: 959227606


Includes bibliographical references and index.Pt. I. Historical context, modernism(s) and Mitropoulos. Greece, 1870-1940 ; Introduction and perspectives of musical modernism in the 1920s and '30s ; Dimitri Mitropoulos (1896-1960) -- Pt.II. The works. The introduction of atonality: Passacaglia, Interemezzo e Fuga (1924) ; Of poetry and (atonal) music: Sikelianos, Cavafy and Mitropoulos (1923-25) ; The introduction of dodecaphony: Ostinata in tre parti (1926-27) ; Reforming the vocabulary: Concerto grosso (1928) -- Pt.III. Postwar echoes of prewar modernism. The Schoenberg - Mitropoulos correspondence (1945-1951).