Critical essays in music education

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Ashgate,, Farnham, p.xl, 512 p. : (2012)


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Instruction and study, Instruction and study., Multiculturalism, Music, School music, Study and teaching., World music


A selection of previously published articles.Formerly CIP.Includes bibliographical references and name index.Part I. Philosophy: 'Praxial philosophy and educational praxis' / Polyvios Androutsos -- 'Music Education: giving children a voice' / Martin Comte -- 'Communicating and accentuating the aesthetic and expressive dimension in choral conducting' / Colin Durrant -- 'Musicing' / David J. Elliot -- 'Philosophy of music education' / Charles Leonhard -- 'The evolution of music education philosophy' / Michael L. Mark -- 'Alternative views about art on which a philosophy can be based' / Bennett Reimer -- Part II. Research: 'Qualitative research methodology in music education' / Liora Bresler and Robert Stake -- 'Quantitative analysis' / Edward P. Asmus and Rudolph E. Radocy -- 'Measurement and evaluation in music' / Edwin E. Gordon -- 'Talking about music: interviews with disabled and nondisabled children' / Judith A. Jellison and Patricia Flowers -- 'Demonstration and recognition of high and low contrasts in teacher intensity' / Clifford K. Madsen, Jane M. Standley and Jane W. Cassidy -- 'On American music for American children' / Marie McCarthy --Part III. Pedagogy/Curriculum: 'Methodologies in music education' / Peter Constanza and Timothy Russell -- 'Music for children and young people' / David Forrest -- 'Teacher-artist partnership in teaching Cantonese opera in Hong Kong schools: student transformation' / Bo Wah Leung and Eddie C.K. Leung -- 'Musical connections' / Mary Palmer -- 'Arts Education and the curriculum: joining the mainstream' / Scott C. Shuler -- 'Computer-based technology and music teaching and learning' / Peter Webster -- Part IV. Assessment and Evaluation: 'Measuring musical aptitude and ability' / J. David Boyle and Rudolf E. Radocy -- 'Teaching problem solving in practice' / James L. Byo -- 'Assessment's potential in music education' / Richard Colwell -- 'Measuring musical talent' / Robert Cutietta; 'The power of national standards for music education' / Paul Lehman -- 'The development and validation of a measurement tool for assessing students' ability to keep a steady beat' / Glenn E. Nierman --Part V. Multicultural and World Music: 'Teaching about and through Native American musics: an excursion into the cultural politics of music education' / Bryan Burton and Peter Dunbar-Hall -- 'Unsafe suppositions? Cutting across cultures on questions of music's transmission' / Patricia Shehan Campbell -- 'Multicultural music education in a pluralistic society' / Joyce Jordan -- 'A case for multiculturalism in the general music classroom / Marvelene Moore -- 'What prospective music teachers need to know about black music' / Rosita M. Sands -- 'The history and development of multicultural music education as evidenced in the Music Educators' Journal, 1967-1992' / Terese M. Volk.