A Contemporary History of the Chinese Zheng

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Hong Kong University Press,, HK, p.1 online resource (253 p.) (2023)




Description based upon print version of record.Intro -- Contents -- Illustrations -- Tables -- Preface -- Acknowledgments -- Note on Romanization, Transliteration, and Translation -- 1. Cultural and Theoretical Context -- 2. The Zheng's History Prior to 1949 -- 3. Zheng Art in the People's Republic of China, 1949-1979 -- 4. The Zheng in Hong Kong, 1949-1979 -- 5. The Zheng in Taiwan, 1949-1979 -- 6. Zheng Music in the "Opening Up and Reform" Era -- 7. Conclusions -- Bibliography -- IndexA Contemporary History of the Chinese Zheng traces the twentieth- and twenty-first-century development of an important Chinese musical instrument in greater China.The zheng was transformed over the course of the twentieth century, becoming a solo instrument with virtuosic capacity. In the past, the zheng had appeared in small instrumental ensembles and supplied improvised accompaniments to song. Zheng music became a means of nation-building and was eventually.