Collaborative insights : interdisciplinary perspectives on musical care throughout the life course /

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Oxford University Press,, New York, NY, United States, p.1 online resource (2022)

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(CaQQLa)201-0046052, (DNLM)D009147, (OCoLC)fst01030628, fast, Music therapy, Music therapy., Musicothérapie.


'Collaborative Insights' provides new perspectives informed by interdisciplinary thinking on musical care throughout the life course. In this book, volume editors Katie Rose M. Sanfilippo and Neta Spiro define musical care as the role that music - music listening as well as music-making - plays in supporting any aspect of people's developmental or health needs, for example physical and mental health, cognitive and behavioural development, and interpersonal relationships. Musical care is relevant to several types of music, approach, and setting, and through the introduction of that new term musical care, the authors prioritise the element of care that is shared among these otherwise diverse contexts and musical activities, celebrating the nuanced interweaving of theory and practice.