Cantatas on Texts by Francesco Buti (1606–82)

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Recent Researches in the Music of the Baroque Era, A-R Editions, Number 226, Middleton, WI, United States (2021)




<p><span>This is an edition of all the surviving cantatas with texts by Francesco Buti (1606‒82), and thus one of the first editions of seventeenth-century Italian cantatas organized around a single poet rather than a single composer. It contains ten pieces set to music by the first generation of Roman cantata composers, such as Carlo Caproli, Giacomo Carissimi, Marco Marazzoli, Luigi Rossi, Mario Savioni, and Loreto Vittori, as well as the traveling guitar virtuoso Francesco Corbetta. Most of the pieces belong to the genre of chamber cantata and are scored for solo voice and basso continuo, though also included are a duet and a lengthy, semi-dramatic cantata for four voices and obbligato instruments. The compositions in this volume thus make a significant sampling of the early Italian cantata repertoire available to scholars and performers.</span></p>