Bic Runga's Drive

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Bloomsbury Academic, New York, p.143 (2023)


1501390031 paperback


Popular music New Zealand 1991-2000 History and criticism


<p>From entering a high-school music competition to being honoured with the New Zealand Order<br /> of Merit, Bic Runga has an established place within contemporary popular music. Focusing on her iconic<br /> album,&nbsp;<i>Drive</i>, and including informative case studies of representative tracks on the album, this book provides not only an in-depth study of one album, but skilfully navigates Runga's creative work over three decades to illuminate some of the key stages of her career. The book discusses the performer's rise to stardom, musical style, accolades and performance achievements. Blending popular music studies with media analysis, the book is the first to offer a detailed study of Runga's creativity and a close-up study of her debut and critically acclaimed album.</p><p>publishers note</p>