The art and technique of electroacoustic music

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Elsea, Peter,


Middleton, Wisconsin : A-R Editions,, Volume Volume 26, United States, p.1 DVD-ROM : (2013)



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Computer music, Electronic music, Instruction and study., Recording and reproducing., Sound


Includes bibliographical references (pages 489-491) and index.Electroacoustic music is found in all genres of music, from pop to the avant-garde. It is important for music students to understand the fundamental skills involved in this art. This book looks at various aspects, including the basics of audio and recording, MISI, synthesis, composing, live performance, and more. With a preface, bibliography, appendix, and index. Figures."This DVD contains example files for The Art and Technique of Electroacoustic Music by Peter Elsea, Computer Music and Digital Audio Series, vol. 26 (2013). Some of these files (especially the movies) are large and will not play optimally from the disk. Copy those files to an internal drive to play. Audio examples have the extension .aif and may be played from the desktop or opened in almost any audio editing program. All audio files are all 16 bit at 44.1 kHz sampling rate. If possible, listen to the examples with an editor that allows you to zoom in on the waveforms. One possible editor is Audacity (available at Movie examples are Quicktime movie files with the extension .mov. If they will not play on a Windows machine, please obtain QuickTime Player for Windows or iTunes from the Apple website. They can be found quickly by going to and entering windows quicktime in the search box. Files with the extension .maxpat are Max/MSP patches. To run these go to and download the trial version of Max 6. These materials are copyright 2013 by Peter Elsea and A-R Editions, Inc. ( Under "fair use," the contents of this disc may be used in conjunction with the text as the sources for selected exercises, study materials, and for classroom demonstrations. For other uses, please contact A-R Editions, Inc." -- from DVD1. Building the studio. Find a quiet spot -- 2. Fundamental concepts and techniques. Sound ; Recording sounds ; Sound after sound ; Processing sounds ; Layering sounds -- 3. Music store electroacoustic music. MIDI ; Sequencing programs ; Samplers -- 4. Synthesis. Fundamentals of synthesis ; Voicing synthesizers ; FM synthesis ; New approaches to synthesis -- 5. Research-style synthesis. Composing on a QWERTY keyboard ; Coding for real-time performance ; Programming with boxes and lines ; Synthesis in hardware -- 6. Live electroacoustic music. The electroacoustic performer ; Composing for electronic performance -- Select bibliography -- Contents of the accompanying DVD."Electroacoustic music is now in the mainstream of music, pervading all styles from the avant-garde to pop. Even classical works are routinely scored on a computer and a synthesized demo is a powerful tool for previewing a piece. The fundamental skills of electroacoustic composition are now as essential to a music student as ear training and counterpoint. 'The Art and Technique of Electroacoustic Music' provides a detailed approach those fundamental skills. In this book Peter Elsea explores the topic from the fundamentals of acoustics through the basics of recording, composition with the tools of music concreté, and music production with MIDI instruments, softsynths and digital audio Workstations. Later sections of the book cover synthesis in depth and introduce high powered computer composition languages including Csound, ChucK, and Max/MSP. A final section presents the challenges and techniques of live performance. This book can be used as a text for undergraduate courses and also as a guide for self-learning" --