Archival returns : Central Australia and beyond /

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[Sydney], NSW : Sydney University Press,, Volume No. 18., Australia, p.electronic text (xxviii, 345 pages) : (2020)

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(OCoLC)fst00794496, (OCoLC)fst00885019, (OCoLC)fst00885046, (OCoLC)fst00916097, (OCoLC)fst00970257, Aboriginal Australians, Aboriginal Australians., Australia, Cultural property, Ethnological museums and collections, Ethnological museums and collections., fast, Indigenous peoples, Music., Protection, Protection., Repatriation, Repatriation., Social life and customs.


Issued also in print edition.Conundrums and consequences: Doing digital archival returns in Australia / Linda Barwick, Jennifer Green, Petronella Vaarzon-Morel, & Katya Zissermann -- Deciphering Arrernte archives: The intermingling of textual and living knowledge / Jason Gibson, Shaun Angeles, & Joel Liddle -- Reflections on the preparation and delivery of Carl Strehlow's heritage dictionary (1909) to the Western Aranda people / Anna Kenny -- Returning recordings of songs that persist: The Anmatyerr traditions of akiw and anmanty / Jason Gibson -- Incorporating archival cultural heritage materials into contemporary Warlpiri women's yawulyu spaces / Georgia Curran -- Enlivening people and country: The Lander Warlpiri cultural mapping project / PetronellMorel & Luke Kelly -- (Re)turning research into pedagogical practice: A case study of translational language research in Warlpiri / Carmel O'Shannessy, Samantha Disbray, Barbara Martin, & Gretel Macdonald -- "The songline is alive in Mukurtu": Return, reuse, and respect / Kimberly Christen -- "For the children...": Aboriginal Australia, cultural access, and archival obligation / Brenda L Croft, Sandy Toussaint, Felicity Meakins, & Patrick McConvell -- Working at the interface: The Daly Languages Project / Rachel Nordlinger, Ian Green, & Peter Hurst -- "We never had any photos of my family": Archival return, film, and a personal history / Fred Myers & Lisa Stefanoff -- Return of a travelling song: Wanji-wanji in the Pintupi region of Central Australia / Myfany Turpin -- Never giving up: Negotiating, culture-making, and the infinity of the archive / Sabra Thorner, Linda Rive, John Dallwitz, & Janet Inyika -- Nura's vision: Nura's voice / Suzanne Bryce, Julia Burke, & Linda Rive -- i-Tjuma: The journey of a collection -- from documentation to delivery / Elizabeth Marrkilyi Ellis, Jennifer Green, & Inge Kral -- Ever-widening circles: Consolidating and enhancing Wirlomin Noongar archival material in the community / Clint Bracknell & Kim Scott.Place-based cultural knowledge - of ceremonies, songs, stories, language, kinship and ecology - binds Australian Indigenous societies together. Over the last 100 years or so, records of this knowledge in many different formats - audiocassettes, photographs, films, written texts, maps, and digital recordings - have been accumulating at an ever-increasing rate. Yet this extensive documentary heritage is dispersed. In many cases, the Indigenous people who participated in the creation of the records, or their descendants, have little idea of where to find the records or how to access them. Some records are held precariously in ad hoc collections, and their caretakers may be perplexed as to how to ensure that they are looked after. Archival Returns: Central Australia and Beyond explores the strategies and practices by which cultural heritage materials can be returned to their communities of origin, and the issues this process raises for communities, as well as for museums, galleries, and other cultural institutions.