Anka Horvat : život i umjetničko djelo koncertne i operne pjevačice : (građa)

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Željka Potočki : Zagreb, Croatia, p.198 (2018)




Anka Horvat, biography and work


The author gave a review through the life and art of the concert and opera singer and pedagogue Anka Horvat-Gottlieb. Given that there was very little information about it, and many of the written data on it were incomplete or different, the author decided to look for all available archival material, newspaper articles, magazines, books, photographs, contributions and the materials he had donated by the daughter Anke Horvat-Gottlieb, Natalie Matovinović, to include and analyze the life, artwork and pedagogic work of the artist in one place. Apart from art work, the author mentions the private relations of the artist with the family and other people, and particularly emphasizes her approach to humanitarian work. Text accompanies photographs, pictures and contributions, and based on the collected music material, the author also compiled a chronological list of more important performances by Anke Horvat-Gottlieb.