Analytical variations - eight critical essays on applied music theory

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Berlin ; New York : Peter Lang,, Volume vol.10 =, Germany, p.613 pages : (2020)

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(FrPBN)12519252, (OCoLC)fst01030696, Analyse musicale., fast, Musical analysis., ram


Includes bibliographical references."This book gives a critical account of various methods used in music analysis. In the first chapter, a number of current approaches such as semiotics, musical implications, Schenkerian analysis, and generative theory are demonstrated on Mozart's K. 331 theme. Five essays deal with important concepts in music analysis: ambiguity, formal proportions, and similarity within and between works. A further chapter provides a discussion of probability, kinship, and influence - decisive criteria when judging musical plagiarism. The last essay, studying a piece by Schubert, sifts the prospects of deciphering a composer's sexual leanings from his music"--