Alexander Serov and the birth of the Russian modern

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Bethesda : Academica Press,, United States, p.xi, 380 pages : (2016)



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19th century, Biography., Composers, History and criticism., Music, Music critics, Russia


Includes bibliographical references (pages 349-361) and index."This is an original scholarly monograph about the life and work of the Russian composer and critic Alexander Serov (1820-1871), studied through the lens of his understanding of modernity as it developed in Russia in the mid nineteenth century. This research monograph is first full-length biography of Alexander Serov in English utilizing original records and archives and the first in any language since 1985. It will use the life of the composer/critic as a tool for understanding Russian conceptions and misconceptions of modernity"--Provided by publisher.The most famous composer you have never heard of -- The youth, 1820-1840 -- The bureaucrat, 1840-1850 -- The critic, 1850-1860 -- The composer, 1860-1871 -- The legacy, 1871-.