The African imagination in music

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New York : Oxford University Press,, United States, p.x, 372 pages : illustrations, music ; (2016)



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Africa, Africa., African influences., Blacks, History and criticism., Music, Music and globalization, Musical instruments, Social aspects


Includes bibliographical references (pages 345-363), discography (pages 335-342), videography (pages 343-344), and index.Music and/in society -- Musical instruments -- Language and/in music -- The rhythmic imagination -- The melodic imagination -- The formal imagination -- Harmony, or simultaneous doing -- Appropriating African music.In The African Imagination in Music, noted music scholar Kofi Agawy offers a fresh introduction to the vast, immensely rich and diverse set of repertoires that comprise the sound worlds of Sub-Saharan African music. Agawu introduces readers to the basic elements of African music and to the values upon which they are built. He then explores the key dimensions and resources of African music, including the place of music in society, musical instruments, the relationship between language and music, rhythm, melody, form, harmony and finally, appropriations of African music by musicians around the world. Written in an accessible styles, The African Imagination in Music is poised to renew interest in Black African music, and to engender discussion of its creative underpinnings by Africanists, ethnomusicologists, music theorists and musicologists. -- from back cover.