Unknown Handel: In Conversation with John Roberts and Ton Koopman

Has everything by Handel already been discovered? Not yet! In Februrary we reported on how IAML Honary Member John H. Roberts (University of California, Berkeley) discovered a previously unknown cantata by George Frideric Handel: an earlier but different version of the cantata "Tu fedel? tu costante?," HWV 171. The manuscript is part of the private collection of Dutch harpsichordist and conductor Ton Koopman.

Koopman conducted the modern premiere of this rediscovered piece last Saturday, April 9, in Amsterdam. John Roberts and Ton Koopman were interviewed by Hans Haffmans after this performance and their conversation is available online:


The conversation is in English with summaries in Dutch. Here are some guideposts:

8:45 Start of conversation with John Roberts.  How Roberts met Koopman, how he came across this cantata, verifying authenticity of cantata, on Handel in general.
20:45-24:00 1st excerpt from the rediscovered version in that day's performance.
24:12 Same exerpt, but the previously known version (same text, different music).
26:30 Back to the conversation. A comparison of the different versions.
31:00 2nd excerpt from the rediscovered version in that day's performance, and discussion.
33:00 Same exerpt, but the previously known version. Discussion. Comments about Koopman's manuscript collection.
36:45 End of discussion with Roberts. Conversation continues in Dutch with Koopman.

Below is a recording of the performance. The cantata starts at 36:25.


Thanks to Martie Severt for the tip!


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