Survey results from 2016 Rome Congress now online

The following has reached us from Balázs Mikusi (IAML Vice President):

Dear IAML Members,

For several years the Board has sought to collect detailed feedback about our annual congresses from all participants. At our recent mid-year meeting we discussed the results of the survey taken after the 2016 Rome congress as well as the brief summary I prepared to facilitate the analysis and interpretation of these results. Since both documents are of potential interest to the entire membership, we are now publishing them on the website of the Rome congress: there you will find all the numeric results (also in the form of diagrams) as well as the abovementioned summary. (Note that the latter in part also relies on the comments made by the participants, some of which are too subjective or personal to be published here.)

If any of you should have questions about either file, or you might have ideas about how the survey could be improved in future years, any comments are welcome at Thank you in advance.

With best wishes,

Balázs Mikusi
Vice President


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