New Issue of Fontes Available (69/1)

Cover of Fontes, volume 69, issue 1The latest issue of Fontes artis musicae, Volume 69, no. 1 (January-March 2022) has been published. It may be accessed via Project Muse for subscribers or via the IAML website for members. The contents of the issue are as follows:

Vol. 69 / 1, January-March 2022


  • A First Inventory of Plainchant Books up to 1900 in Santiago, Chile David Andrés Fernández
  • British Symphonic Criticism: A Tale of Two Symposia Ryan Ross
  • COVID-19 and Field Recordings for the Library of Folk Music of Nigeria Project: Disruptions and Challenges of Access in Pandemic Time Christian Onyeji and Elizabeth Onyeji

Briefs / Feuilletons


  • Georges Auric: A Life in Music and Politics. By Colin Roust  Keith E. Clifton
  • Biblioteca di musica. Studi in onore di Agostina Zecca Laterza in occasione dei 25 anni dalla fondazione della IAML Italia. Edited by Marcoemilio Camera and Patrizia Florio  Paola Teresa Rossetti
  • Saint-Saëns and the Stage: Operas, Plays, Pageants, a Ballet and a Film. By Hugh Macdonald  Clair Rowden



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