New Issue of Fontes (69/4)

Cover of Fontes issue 69, no. 4The October-December 2022 issue (Vol. 69, no. 4) of Fontes is now available online via Project Muse. IAML members can access the issue on the IAML website. The contents of the issue is as follows:


  • Lettres Autographes Françaises aux Archives du Département de la Musique de la Bibliothèque Nationale de la République Tchèque  Pavel Kordík et Annini Tsioutis
  • The Music Collection of Antonín Borový (1755–1832), A Cantor from Zlatá Koruna  Markéta Králová
  • The Musical Culture of Carmelites in the Former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth during the Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century. Music Sources and Other Documentation  Marek Bebak

Briefs / Feuilletons

Corresponding Editors

  • Latvia: Riga City Theatre Materials in the Stock of the National Library of Latvia – Historical Evidence and Findings  Eridana Žiba


  • Shostakovich: A Coded Life in Music. By Brian Morton  Cameron Pyke
  • Anne Dawson Her Book (1716). Edited by Jon Baxendale – William Babell. Toccatas, Suites and Preludes for Harpsichord. Edited by Andrew Woolley  Graydon Beeks
  • London, Royal College of Music Library, MS 2093 (1660s–1670s). Edited by Heather Windram and Terence Charlston – London, Lambeth Palace Library, MS 1040 (1650s–1660s). Edited by Andrew Woolley, Heather Windram, and Terence Charlston  Alexander Day


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