New editor needed for Fontes Artis Musicae!

A new editor for Fontes is sought to take over in the summer 2005.

The person appointed must be interested in promoting new ideas and encouraging free expression, while at the same time building on the past and present strengths of the Association and reflecting the views of members in varied types of music libraries and archives. He or she should be prepared to attend the annual conferences regularly.

Some editing experience is essential, as is good computer literacy. The Editor must have highly developed critical skills and the confidence to revise other people’s writing extensively as needed. Many contributors write in what is to them a second language, so the Editor must often take special pains to be sure that the author’s intentions are clearly conveyed.

A sharp eye for typographical errors is needed during the publishing process, while a wary watch on financial implications will be needed at every stage. Good comprehension of English, French and German is essential, although there are Assistant Editors in all three languages. The predominant language has nonetheless tended to be English, so the Editor must be proficient in that language.

The most important qualities the Editor can bring to the work are an enthusiasm for the Association and what it stands for, the ability to work in isolation while being one of the key figures in the life of the Association, and – perhaps above all else – a sense of humour!

A search committee for the new Editor was established at the recent meeting in Oslo. It consists of Dominique Hausfater (Chair), John Roberts and Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi.

An honorarium, currently € 1,790.00 plus expenses, is paid to the Editor annually.

If you are interested in applying, please send your application, with details of past experience and your ideas about the position and the future direction of Fontes, to: Dominique Hausfater, Médiathèque Hector Berlioz, CNSMDP, 209 avenue Jean-Jaurès, 75019 Paris, France. It is expected that candidates will be interviewed during the Warsaw conference (10-15 July 2005), but prospective candidates who cannot be present in Poland should not be deterred from applying.


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