Muziekcentrum van de Omroep library update from Martie Severt

The present MCO (Music Centre of Netherlands Radio: 3 orchestras, radio choir, music library, music education department) will cease to exist next year on August 1. There is a budget available after that date for the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra and the Radio Choir. There is no budget for the Music Library.

Orchestra and Choir (and the broadcast organisation responsible for the concert series) will have to function without all the present services and collections of the Music Library. Only a very limited amount of orchestral sets and choir materials will be set apart. Also, all other broadcasters will be denied the use of the present Music Library.
In the coming weeks, we will further investigate if indeed the NPO (|Netherlands Broadcast Organisation) continues to deny a budget to the Music Library, i.e. a small budget to keep the library open and deliver services (online catalogue, ) to users, with only 1/3 of the present staff members.
We will also investigate possible cooperation with other institutions. Not an easy task because some of these institutions will cease to exist because of drastic budget cuts by the government. To be able to accomodate part of the present collections elsewhere, we need to find a budget as well.
I hope I can send some positive news soon, but at present the prospects are not good.


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