Journal Delivery Disruption due to the Coronoavirus Pandemic

Updated 6 Jan 2023

Deliveries of Vol. 67, 68, and 69 no. 1-2 are complete. The claim period for Vol. 69 no. 2 is open until 1 Mar 2023. Claims for earlier issues are closed but back issues may be purchased (check availability here)

Delivery of Vol. 69 no. 3 is expected by early January 2023. Claims for Vol. 69 no. 3 initiated before 13 Jan 2023 will be noted but replacement copies will not be shipped unless another claim is filed between 13 Jan and 15 Apr 2023.

Delivery of Vol. 69 no. 4 is expected in February 2023. 

A new timeline for the claim period will take effect beginning Vol. 70.

Please refer to Availability of Current and Back Issues for the most current information and back issues. Thank you for your patience.

Updated 10 March 2021

To our dismay, we want to let you know that the first three issues of Volume 67 of our journal Fontes Artis Musicae have still not been delivered to several countries, especially in Europe.

We are in constant contact with our publisher, A-R Editions, Inc., in this matter. It is most likely that effects from the Coronavirus pandemic have caused disruption in delivery. In IAML's history, we have never experienced that journal issues for a complete country went missing. We hope that this time will not be different.

To find out more about which members have received their copies so far, you can help us by sending an informal message to and let us know which, if not all, of the copies your institution has received so far.

Please send a claim to if you have received issue 67/4, but not the previous ones.

Thank you for your patience in these demanding times.


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