IAML/IMS New York City Congress Diary / Kongresstagebuch #5: English (China)

This entry is by Yanlin Cui of the Central Conservatory of Music Library (Beijing, China), a 2015 IAML/IMS Outreach Award recipient:

This is my second time to attend IAML conference. The same is, I learned so many new knowledge, obtained lots of valuable information. The difference is, I listened more speeches about musicology research, and be inspired about the relationship between music library and music research.
Let me talk about some impressive subjects to you briefly. First of all, the topic "Webarchives: Collecting virtual resources" is my favourite content. In fact, the useful, valuable contents of web is more fleeting than some traditional literature carriers, the continuous update of some important composer's website is the best example. I have already thought this problem and tried to preserve some web by myself, but this is my first time to know that there are some institutions to do these job! Although it is the experimental stage, I think it's very necessary and full of value. I will be following this project.
European and American classical music, urban music studies are my interesting research, I listened some units like "Music and Place", "Soundscapes", "Spain", "Music archives between Belgium and America" and "Digitizing culture", these units give me some information about local  music resources, I hope to introduce them to our reader. It is a pity that the unit "Music and collective memory" be canceled!
I have not attend any social and cultural program, I used all the time to prepare and read the abstracts for next day. I just hope I can do my best to understand the contents as many as possible.
I feel I get huge amount of information everyday, It is excited to absorb them in the next time. This is a valuable and productive week, worthy of reflection for me. I must thank you again for your generous help, and please convey my gratitude to all members of IAML Outreach Committee!


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