IAML Statement of Solidarity with Ukraine

A couple of weeks ago I forwarded an appeal of the Presidium of the Ukrainian Library Association (translated from Ukrainian to English by a friend of mine). I expressed my sympathy, on behalf of IAML, and sent greetings to the library community in Ukraine.

The war is getting more and more brutal and I have now formulated a statement of solidarity with Ukraine, in accordance with many other music and library organizations.

I have recently signed the CILIP petition as the President of IAML. CILIP is the UK’s library and information association and is now working to coordinate support to our colleagues in Ukraine from its members and partner organisations. Please visit the crisis hub, which collects information on the war and how you can help.

The International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres (IAML) joins the international music and library communities in condemning the brutal and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by its neighbouring country Russia.

IAML was founded in 1951. The ravages of World War II had substantially affected the documentary musical heritage of many European countries. Many libraries were completely destroyed, and many others had had their holdings decimated. There was an urgent need to make a comprehensive inventory of musical sources and to re-establish international contacts between scholars. Now we must stop this senseless repeat of history.

We stand in solidarity with the brave people of Ukraine and are gravely concerned about the safety of our colleagues. Libraries are sanctuaries for humanistic principles with a fundamental respect for the rights and dignity of all persons. The archives and documentation centres of a country safeguard its cultural heritage, and Ukraine has a rich cultural heritage close to the heart of its people. IAML is an international association that defends peace and democratic values. The war must stop, and Ukraine remain a free, flourishing and independent country.



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