IAML Signs the Open Letter of the European Music Sector

“Music is one of the first sectors hit by the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis.”

This is the first sentence of an Open Letter entitled "Music sector joins together to call for EU and national investment to address current crisis and promote diversity", initiated by Liveurope – the platform for new European talent,  IMPALA (Independent Music Companies Associations), Live DMA (European network for music venues and festivals) and IMMF (Independent Music Publishers International Forum).

Several organizations – members the European Music Council – supported this letter. IAML is also among them.

The initiators believe it brings across an important message of short-term and long-term financial assistance for the music and wider cultural sector and highlights the role of music in creating a sense of community. It has been addressed to European leaders on national and EU level.

The letter is available on the Liveurope website.


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