Gelukkige verjaardag, Herman van Veen (*14.03.1945)!

Musical clown and poet Herman van Veen celebrates 70th birthday

Herman van Veen is one of the most talented stage performers in the Dutch language.  March 14 he celebrates his 70th birthday. At the same time it’s his 50-year anniversary in the Dutch (and German and American) theaters. Van Veen made over 170 records and cds, published 70 books, dozens of screenplays, became very succesful with the animated cartoons of little duck Alfred J. Kwak and, is since the age of 17, commited to children's rights. He established foundations, is an ambassador of UNICEF and has his own cultural enterprise. But first and foremost, he is a musician.

Liefde van Later (signature song, a cover of Jacques Brel, sung in various decades)

Herman van Veen comes from a working class family in Utrecht and was first after his violin studies at the conservatory a clown. "Harlequin" was his first show 50 years ago. Although he has now taken off the clown costume, the red nose pops up every now and then. But a harlequin he is today - a wise and a poetic jester. Herman van Veen has received many awards. For his music and his commitment to children’s rights.

Clown van Veen

Last fall, his friend and musical partner, Erik van der Wurff died. The pianist had accompanied him throughout his career. The death was very hard on the singer. For his new show (an anthology of his career with also new material) he found a group of new musicians. The big birthday concert, will take place four days after his birthday in Antwerp, Belgium.

trailer of his latest show


Ria Warmerdam, Amsterdam


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