Call for poster sessions (Naples 2008)

Deadline: 15 November 2007

For the first time, IAML will host poster sessions at its upcoming annual conference, 20-25 July 2008, in Naples, Italy. The IAML Programme Committee is now calling for applications for such presentations.

Poster sessions place an expert about a given topic directly in front of conference attendees, many of whom will find great value in the ability to speak with the presenter. There is no limit to the range of subjects that can be presented as a poster, and any topic can be arranged and displayed in a visually interesting manner. Such sessions provide an opportunity for members of the Association to share their work in an informal setting. Younger members of the organisation are especially encouraged to apply.

Presentations will be considered that fit one of these broad categories:

  1. Recently completed research
  2. New and innovative library or music library projects
  3. Imaginative, systematic efforts at resolving library or music library problems

Parameters for Presentation

Poster sessions will fit on a 1.22 x 1.83 meter (or 4 feet x 6 feet) poster board and convey the subject using a combination of graphics, narrative text, and handouts. Applications requiring a network connection are not encouraged as data ports are not always conveniently located or available. Printed copies of the abstract must be made available by the presenter for those viewing the session. A table for handouts, business cards, and sign-up sheets will be provided. The presenter(s) must be in attendance throughout the designated time to answer questions and elaborate on the presentation topic.

Guidelines for Submission

Entries by an individual or group of librarians must be submitted online. Please follow this link to submit your proposal. Submissions will be evaluated by the IAML Programme Committee, which will sponsor the event. Criteria for selection will include quality, innovation, and suitability to the Poster Session format. There will be 10 slots available, so those interested are encouraged to be original, thorough, and early in their applications. Authors of the selected Poster Sessions will receive detailed guidelines concerning effective preparation and presentation.


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