Chronology, 1949-2018

by former IAML Archivist Inger Enquist (to 2000) and current IAML Historian Roger Flury (update through 2018)

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27-   October.  Florence, Italy, at the Cherubini Conservatory.  First international meeting of music libraries; 60 participants from 12 countries.


July.  Lüneburg, Germany.  Second international congress of music libraries held with the International Musicological Society (IMS)  -  Provisional commission elected to draft a constitution and guidelines for a permanent international association: Valentin Denis, chairman, Vladimir Fédorov, secretary  -  Working group to establish the Répertoire international des Sources Musicales (Friedrich Blume, Vladimir Fédorov, Hans Halm, Sven Lunn, Wolfgang Schmieder and Fausto Torrefranca).


July 22-25.  Paris, France: 120 participants from 23 countries. AIBM/IAML/IVMB formally established, first constitution adopted, main goals set:  1) an international repertory of musical sources in collaboration with the IMS; 2) an international safety stock of microfilms to cover the principal treasures of manuscripts and printed music; 3) an international code for the cataloguing of music; 4) the indexing and abstracting of music periodicals jointly with the IMS; 5) the international exchange of music; and 6) the concerns of radio libraries  -  Elections/Board:  Richard S. Hill, president, A. Hyatt King, Walter Martin Luther, Nino Pirrotta, vice-presidents, Vladimir Fédorov, secretary, Renée Girardon, treasurer, Oneyda Alvarenga, Hans Zehntner, members-at-large.


July 8-9, Utrecht, Netherlands.  Meeting of the Comité Exécutif.; Honorary Members: Friedrich  Blume, Louis-Marie Michon, Fausto Torrefranca, Valentin Denis present , as well as observers from UNESCO, IFLA, IMS, IFD, and ICOM  -  First Working Groups and Commissions: RISM (Friedrich Blume), International Cataloguing Code (Kay Schmidt-Phiseldeck). Radio music libraries (John H. Davies)  -  National groups formed in 8 countries:  Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States  -  Membership:  230.

October:  first issue of the AIBM Bulletin d'information, Vladimir Fédorov, editor


March. First list of members from 21 countries and a first Liste séléctive of recent music publications published in the Bulletin d’information.

April 14-15, 18-19, Paris, France: meeting of the Comité Exécutif. Y

July 20, Bamberg, Germany: one-day IAML meeting at the IMS conference. -  New Commissions: Phonothèques et discothèques musicales (André Schaeffner), Bibliothèques musicales publiques (Alphonse Ott).


June: Fontes artis musicae is published, edited by Vladimir Fédorov; replacing Bulletin d'information.


September 10-18, Brussels, Belgium:  4th Congress 2nd General Assembly, within the framework of IFLA / IFD joint congress  -  Elections/Board:  Alexander Hyatt King, president, Vladimir Fédorov, Hans Halm, Richard S. Hill, vice-presidents, Frits Noske, secretary general, André Jurres, treasurer, Mercedes de Moura Reis Pequeno, Claudio Sartori, members at large  -  Statutes of 1951 amended.


September 25-28, London, United KingdomConference  -  no changes.


September 30 - October 4,  Kassel, GermanyConference  -  New Commissions: Commission internationale des musées musicaux (president Albert Van der Linden); Commission internationale des bibliothèques scientifiques (en fondation)  -  Publications: first volumes of Répertoires internationaux de musique contemporaine, à l'usage des amateurs et des jeunes [on behalf of  the International Music Council], and of Code international de catalogage de la musique [1 of 5].


September 22-26,  Madrid, SpainConference   -  New Commission: Commission internationale des bibliothèques scientifiques  -  List of members issued.


June 29 - July 4, Cambridge, EnglandCongress  -  Elections/Board: Folke Lindberg, president, Richard S. Hill, vice-president, Frits Noske, secretary general, Wolfgang Rehm, treasurer  -  687 members  -  New Projects: International Dictionary of Musical Terms, Catalogue of new editions of early music, and an Inventory of rare orchestral materials. (Broadcasting Libraries)


September 12-16, Amsterdam, Netherlands: Conference: included first informal meeting of the Music Information Centres  - Membership: 750 members.


June 26-30, Lausanne, Switzerland: Conference:  88 participants from 14 countries  -  New Commissions: group of national Music Documentation Centres interested in forming a working group and possibly joining IAML  -  Membership:  782 members  -  Publications: Code International de Catalogage, volume. 2; International Inventory of Musical Sources, vol. 1; plans to publish a series, Catalogus Musicus.


August 13-18, Stockholm and Uppsala, Sweden: Congress  -  New Commissions or Changes: Record Libraries (V. Britten), Research Libraries (Frits Noske), Music Information Centres (André Jurres)  -  Elections/Board:  Vladimir Fédorov, president , Folke Lindberg, past-president, Frits Noske, Brooks Shepard, vice-presidents, Harald Heckmann, secretary, Wolfgang Rehm, treasurer  -  Membership: 797 members.


May 28 - June 1, Milan, Italy: Conference  - Related matters: Fédération internationale des Phonothèques (FIP) founded.


August 11-16, Aarhus, Denmark: Conference: 126 members from 18 countries  -  New Commissions or Changes: Commission des cotages d’editeurs (François Lesure); Commission of Music Research Libraries (Rita Benton)  -  Membership: 891 members in 40 countries.


July 1-6, Dijon, France: Congress  -  New Commissions or Changes: Public Libraries Commission (K. L. Nicol), Phonothèques (Harold Spivacke), Subcommission for the Recording of Neglected Works (Lise Caldagues)  - Elections/Board: André Jurres, president, Vladimir Fédorov, past-president, John Howard Davies, Mercedes Reis Pequeno, Brooks Shepard jr, vice-presidents; Harald Heckmann, secretary general; Wolfgang Rehm, treasurer  -  Honorary Member: Karl Vötterle  -  Membership: 923 members  -  Related matters: Establishment of an international inventory of music literature (RILM) discussed, and an international inventory of old recordings (RISP) begun.


September 4-8, Warsaw, Poland: Conference  -  New Commissions or Changes: Répertoire des Sources Hymnologiques, Répertoire International de la Littérature Musicale (Barry S. Brook).


August 26-29, Salzburg, Austria: Conference  -  New Commissions or Changes: Commission on Publishers’ Plate Numbers changed to Commission on the Dating of Music (François Lesure)  -  Membership: 988 members  -  Other matters: Revised Constitution and Rules of Procedure.


September 6-9, New York and Washington, USA: Congress (joint conference with the IMC on the subject of ‘Music and Communication’ until 15 September)  -  New Commissions or Changes: proposed Sub-commissions on Classification and on Conservatory Libraries  -  Elections/Board: Vladimir Fédorov, president; André Jurres, past-president, John H. Davies, Mercedes Reis Pequeno, Brooks Shepard jr, vice-presidents, Harald Heckmann, secretary general, Wolfgang Rehm, treasurer  -  Honorary Member: Alexander Hyatt King  -  Membership: 1088 members from 39 counties  -  Publications: RISM: five volumes published so far; Documenta Musicologica: 27 facsimile volumes published; Catalogus Musicus: four volumes published to date; polyglot dictionary in progress  -  Other matters: Council sets up commission to examine the organisation of working groups within the Association (Rita Benton, John H. Davies, Alfons Ott and Harold Spivacke).


August 18-22, Amsterdam, Netherlands: Conference  -  New Commissions or Changes: under Record Libraries, Sub-commission on Radio Sound Archives (Harold Spivacke)  -  Related matters: The International Association of Sound Archives (IASA) is founded; a special commission for cooperation between IAML and IASA is established (IAML representatives: Kurt Dorfmüller, Harald Heckmann and Folke Lindberg).


June 10-15, Leipzig, German Democratic Republic (East Germany): Conference  -  New Commissions or Changes: Libraries for Music Pedagogy and Performance (Karol Musiol); under Public Libraries, sub-commissions on Education and Training of Music Librarians, Public Music Service, and Public Music Collecting -  New National Group: Poland.


August 22-28, Sankt Gallen, Switzerland: Congress  -  New Commissions or Changes:  RIdIM (Répertoire International d’Iconographie Musicale) established in partnership with the IMS and ICOM (Barry S. Brook)  -  Elections/Board: John H. Davies, president, Mercedes Reis Pequeno, Thor Wood, vice-presidents, Harald Heckmann, secretary-general, Wolfgang Rehm, treasurer  -  Membership: 1486 members in 39 countries in total  -  New National Groups: Czechoslovakia, Hungary  -  Publications: Plans by President John H. Davies for “Music Libraries of the World” project, to be published jointly by IAML and the IMS.


September 9-15, Bologna, Italy: Conference  -  New Commissions or Changes:  Commission for the Dating of Music changed to Commission for Bibliographical Research (Don W. Krummel), Sub-commissions on RISM-XIX: Bibliographical Control of the Printed Music of the 19th Century(Dan Fog)  -  Election: President John Howard Davies died in August 1972; vice president Thor E. Wood became acting President  -  Membership: 1575 members  -  Publications: Directory of Music Research Libraries, vol. 3 (Spain, France, Italy and Portugal).


August 26-31, London, United Kingdom: Conference, 261 participants from 26 countries  -  New Commissions or Changes: under Research libraries, Subcommission on the Professional training of the research librarian; Harold Spivacke resigned as president of the Commission on Record Libraries; potential new working on Repertory of Music Periodicals  -  Elections: Ivan Pethes and Hans Steinbeck elected vice-presidents, pending elections for President and other officers in 1974; Friedrich Blume made Honorary President of RISM  -  Membership: 1649 members  -  New National Branch: Norway  -  Other matters:  Committee established to discuss changes to the Constitution with a view to increased rights and responsibilities for the General Assembly (Vladimir Fédorov, Harald Heckmann, André Jurres and Heinz Werner).


August 18-24, Jerusalem, Israel: Congress  -  Elections/Board:  Harald Heckmann, president; Thor E. Wood, past president; Barry S. Brook, Iván Pethes, Israel Adler, Hans Steinbeck, vice-presidents; Anders Lönn, secretary general; Wolfgang Rehm, treasurer  -  Membership: 1704 members from 38 countries  -  Publications: Guide for Dating Early Published Music, compiled by D.W. Krummel for the Commission for Bibliographical Research  -  Other matters: The General Assembly adopts new by-laws.


August 17-23, Montreal, Canada: Conference  -  New Commissions or Changes: Commission for Education and Training (Don L. Roberts)  -  Publications: Rita Benton and André Jurres become editors of Fontes artis musicae; International basic list of literature on music, compiled by the sub-commission on Public music collecting, (Nederlands Bibliotheek en Lectuur Centrum, 1975); Musikbibliothek aktuell (1975-) bulletin of the subcommission on Reference and community service of the Public Libraries Commission  -  Other matters: Barry S. Brook named IAML’s representative to the IMC; IAML to seek regular membership in IFLA; and to establish a IAML archive.


August 15-20, Bergen, Norway: Conference  -  New Commissions or Changes: Broadcasting Libraries (Bengt Kyhlberg), Public Music Libraries (Eric Cooper); Sub-commissions on Public music collecting (Charlotte van der Pot), and on Reference and community services, (Hans Vetterlein), Music Research Libraries (Rudolf Elvers), Libraries in Academies, Conservatories and Music Colleges (Karol Musiol), Record Libraries (Donald L. Leavitt), Sub-commission on Radio sound archives (Dietrich Lotichius), Music Information Centres (Keith Macmillan), Bibliographical Research (Donald W. Krummel), Cataloguing Commission and Sub-commission on Classification (Kurt Dorfmüller), RILM Thesaurus Sub-commission (Anders Lönn)  -  Honorary President: Vladimir Fédorov  -  Membership: 1616 members  -  National Groups: Australia and New Zealand, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, France, Germany (BRD) and Germany (DDR), Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States  -  Publications: Fontes frequency increased from three to four issues per year; ‘Editorial Advisory Council’ created, with representatives from each professional branch and working commission; will hold first meeting in Mainz in 1977; further volumes of  RISM and Documenta Musicologica are published  -  Other matters: IAML joins IFLA and obtains representation on IFLA Working Group for ISBD (Printed Music).


September 11-16, Mainz, Germany: Congress  -  New Commissions or Changes: Commission for Bibliographical Research, Sub-Commission on Terminology (Dan Fog)  -  Elections/Board:  Barry S. Brook, president; Harald Heckmann, past-president; Israel Adler, Karl-Heinz Köhler, Brian Redfern, Hans Steinbeck, vice-presidents; Anders Lönn, secretary general; Wolfgang Rehm, treasurer  -  Honorary Member: Harald Heckmann  -  Membership: 1631 members  -  Publications: André Jurres agreed to remain as acting editor of Fontes following sudden death of Rita Benton in 1976  -  Other matters: Project Group established by Council to undertake a revision of IAML’s objectives and procedures (Heinz Werner, Barry S. Brook, Anders Lönn, Richard Andrewes, Harald Heckmann and François Lesure); IAML now a member both of IFLA and the IMC;  Project Group established to select four IFLA sections for which IAML would register, and to nominate representatives for those sections (Hermann Wassner, Maria Calderisi, Heinz Lanzke and Clara Steuermann); special Commission to discuss relations between IAML and IASA (Harald Heckmann, Gerald Gibson and Dietrich Lotichius).


July 23-28, Lisbon, Portugal: Conference  -  New Commissions or Changes: Libraries in academies, conservatories and music colleges (Anthony Hodges), Record libraries (Claes Cnattingius), Music Information Centres (Anna van Steenbergen), Bibliographical Research (Francois Lesure); reorganized Cataloguing Commission and Sub-commission on Classification (Kurt Dorfmüller), new Working Group on Computerized cataloguing (Garrett H. Bowles) and on International Standard Bibliographic Description of Non-Book Materials (Garrett H. Bowles), joint IAML/IASA Committee on Music and Sound Archives (Claes Cnattingius); Publications Committee (Brian Redfern); IAML Project Group on Planning, (Richard Andrewes)  - Membership: 1673 members -  Other matters: IAML representation in IFLA sections on Bibliography (Maria Calderisi), Cataloguing (Heinz Lanzke), Library Schools and other training aspects (Don L. Roberts) and Public Libraries (Eric Cooper); IMC/IAML project on a world inventory of sources of musical information (WISMI) - PublicationsTerminorum musicae index septem linguis redactus: polyglot dictionary of musical terms, ed. Horst Leuchtmann, published under IAML and IMS sponsorship.


July 1-7, Salzburg, Austria: Conference  -  New  Commissions or changes: Bibliographic Research Sub-Commission on Terminology disbanded; Cataloguing Commission Working Group on Computerized Cataloguing (Patrick Mills); and on ISBD (NBM (Garrett H. Bowles); RISM commission mixte (Kurt von Fischer), Advisory Research Committee (Kurt Dorfmüller)  -  New National Groups: Finland (Kauko Karjalainen) and Japan (Noriko Murai)  -  Membership: 1743 members in 37 countries  -  Publications: Musikbibliothek aktuell, newsletter of the Public Libraries Commission’s subcommission on Reference and Community Service, to be replaced by a new journal - Other matters: The Research Libraries Commission produced a report on the supply and use of microfilm; the Commission for Bibliographical Research co-sponsored a project entitled ‘Anthologie de la Critique Musicale;’.IMC explores possibility of producing a Unesco-sponsored World History of Music in consultation with IAML (Barry Brook).


August 3-9, Cambridge, England: Congress  -  New Commissions or Changes:  Music Information Centres (James Murdoch); Commission of Libraries in Academies, Conservatories and Music Colleges changed to Commission of Libraries in Music Teaching Institutions (Anthony Hodges); Bibliographical Research Working Group on Music Periodicals (Imogen Fellinger); Record Libraries Commission and Sub-commission on Radio Sound Archives suspended; Publications Committee (Nanna Schiødt)  -  Elections/Board: Brian Redfern, president; Maria Calderisi, János Kárpáti, Nanna Schiødt, Heinz Werner, vice-presidents; Anders Lönn, secretary general; Wolfgang Rehm, treasurer  -  Honorary President: Harald Heckmann  -  Honorary Members: Virginia Cunningham, Vincent Duckles  -  Membership: 1820 members  -  Other matters: New Constitution adopted, organisation renamed the International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres, Provisional Rules of Procedure prepared by the Project Group on Objectives and Procedures adopted by Council; Project Group (Planning) proposed new commission structure; Committees appointed to consider the future of Fontes (Clifford Bartlett) and to find candidates for new editor of Fontes (Harald Heckmann); IAML Library established and Steering Committee appointed (Anders Lönn and Vincent Duckles).


September  6-11, Budapest, Hungary: Conference  -  New Commissions or Changes: Commission for Bibliographical Research changed to Bibliography Commission (Maria Calderisi); Research Libraries Branch (Richard Andrewes); Cataloguing Commission Working Group on ISBD(PM)&(A) (Richard Andrewes) and Working Group on ISBD(NBM) (Lenore Coral); RIPMxix established (H. Robert Cohen); IAML/IASA Committee on Music and Sound Archives (Ulf Scharlau, IASA; Derek Lewis, IAML)  -  Membership: 1828 members  -  Publications: André Jurres agreed to continue as editor of Fontes until 1983, Gertraut Haberkamp, François Lesure, Malcolm Turner appointed associate editors, Bodil Foss appointed co-editor for public library matters.


July 4-10, Brussels, BelgiumConference  -   New Commissions or Changes:  Music Information Centres Branch (William Elias); Bibliography Commission PG on Editing and Publishing Contemporary Music (William Elias); Cataloguing Commission (Brian Redfern), PG on Classification (Kurt Dorfmüller), PG on Computer Cataloguing (Patrick Mills), PG on ISBD(PM) (Heinz Lanzke), PG on ISBD(A) (Richard Andrewes), PG on UNIMARC (Joan Colquhoun)  -  New National Branch: New Zealand branch now independent of Australia.


May 8-13, Washington D.C., U.S.ACongress  -  New Commissions or Changes: Cataloguing Commission (Lenore Coral)  -  Elections/Board: Anders Lönn, president; Brian Redfern, past-president; Maria Calderisi, Heinz Werner, Nanna Schiödt, János Kárpáti, vice-presidents; Neil Ratliff, secretary general; Wolfgang Rehm, treasurer  -  Other matters: Committees to study future of  the IAML Library and the establishment of IAML Archives; Imago Musicae, new publication sponsored by RIdIM; need to improve IAML presence in the Third World discussed; IAML and IMC cooperate on the Music in the Life of Man project, a multi-volume history of the world's musics (Barry Brook); continued representation on IFLA Standing Committees: Section on Bibliography (Maria Calderisi), Section on Cataloguing (Lenore Coral), Section on Library Schools and Other Training Aspects (Don L. Roberts).


September 2-8, Como, ItalyConference  -  New Commissions or Changes: Research Libraries Branch (Susan Sommer); Libraries in Music Teaching Institutions (Robert Jones); Public Libraries Branch (Bent Christiansen); Broadcasting Libraries Branch (Lucas van Dijck); Bibliography Commission (Joachim Jaenecke), PG on Archives (Bruce Wilson); Cataloguing Commission PG on Classification (Judith Kaufman); Commission on Service and Training (Marsha Berman), PG on Universal Availability of Publications (Thomas F. Heck); IAML/IASA Committee on Music and Sound Archives (Wolfgang Krueger); Ad hoc IAML Archives Committee (Nanna Schiødt)  -  Elections/Board: Don L. Roberts appointed treasurer to succeed Wolfgang Rehm in 1985.


September 8-13, Berlin, German Democratic RepublicConference  -  New Commissions or Changes: Cataloging Commission PG on Authority Structure for Uniform Titles (Alison Hall); Commission on Service and Training PG on Statistics (Sue Clegg)  -  Other matters: Revised Preliminary Rules of Procedure; IAML Archives to be maintained by Musikaliska akademiens bibliotek in Stockholm.


August 10-15, Stockholm, Sweden. Congress  -  New Commissions or Changes: Music Information Centres Branch (Rogier Starreveld); Broadcasting Libraries Branch changed to Broadcasting and Orchestra Libraries Branch; Cataloguing Commission PG on Classification change to PG on Classification and Indexing (Ann Schuursma); Publications Committee (Catherine Massip)   -  Elections/Board: Maria Calderisi Bryce, president; Bernhard Huys, Catherine Massip, Svetlana Sigida, Malcolm Turner, vice-presidents; Neil Ratliff, secretary general; Don L. Roberts, treasurer  -  Honorary Members: Wolfgang and Helga Rehm  -  Publications: Brian Redfern to succeed André Jurres. as editor of Fontes  - Other matters: Treasurer's office moved from Kassel to Evanston, Illinois; Constitution Committee (Heinz Werner) continues to. re-examine of the constitution; informal Gifts & Exchange programme established; Transfer of IAML Archives to Stockholm approved.


June 21-26, Amsterdam, NetherlandsCongress  -  New Commissions or Changes: Public Libraries (Ken Nein); Research Libraries (Michael Ochs); Broadcasting and Orchestra Libraries (Finn Kaisner); Bibliography Commission PG on Hofmeister XIX (Neil Ratliff), PG on Archives (David Day); Cataloguing Commission WG on ISBD(NBM) (Lenore Coral) concluded its work; RISM: Commission mixte and the Advisory Research Committee amalgamated; Elections/Board: Veslemöy Heintz appointed secretary general to succeed Neil Ratliff at the close of the Amsterdam meeting  -  Membership: 1943 members in 40 countries  -  Other matters:  Malcolm Turner agreed to index Council minutes back to 1978.


September 4-9, Tokyo, JapanConference  -  New Commissions or Changes: Bibliography Commission PG on Editing and Publishing Contemporary Music discontinued  -  Elections/Board: Don Roberts appointed treasurer for a further two year term  -  Membership: 1947 members  -  Other matters: IAML Library closed; IAML Archive transferred from Paris to Stockholm; new IAML brochure produced (in English).


August 27 - September 1, Oxford, EnglandCongress  -  New Commissions or Changes: Commission on Archives (David Day); Bibliography Commission PG on Archives discontinued; Libraries in Music Teaching Institutions (Agostina Zecca Laterza.); Cataloguing Commission WG on Uniform titles for anonymous music other than liturgical (Mireille Geering), PG on Classification and Indexing completed is work and dissolved, WG on ISBD(PM) concluded its work in 1989; RISM series C working group (Charles Lindahl); Publications Committee (Lenore Coral)  -  Elections/Board: Catherine Massip, president; Maria Calderisi, past-president; Lenore Coral, Julius Hulek, Knud Ketting, Wolfgang Krueger, vice-presidents; Veslemöy Heintz, secretary general; Don L. Roberts, treasurer  - Honorary Members: André Jurres, Barry Brook  -  Membership: ca. 1800, decrease mainly due to loss of UK members  -  Other matters: New Constitution and new Rules of Procedure adopted; decision retain Constitution Committee (Heinz Werner); The International Organisation for Standards (ISO) Technical Committee 46 planning work on an International Standard Music Number(ISMN) (Anders Lönn); IMC project Music in the Life of Man changed its name to The Universe of Music: a History (Barry Brook).


July 8-13, Boulogne-Billancourt, FranceConference  -  New Commissions or Changes: Music Information Centres Branch (Nancy Clarke), Broadcasting and Orchestra Libraries (Helen Faulkner); Libraries in Music Teaching Institutions (Michèle Lancelin); Public Libraries (Maria Nyéki); Research Libraries Branch (Hugh Cobbe); Commission on Archives WG on Archive and Manuscript Control (David Day); Bibliography Commission (John Roberts); Cataloguing Commission (Anders Lönn); Commission on Service and Training (Wolfgang Krueger), WG on Statistics has concluded its work; IAML Archives Committee is dissolved  -  Elections/Board: Don Roberts appointed treasurer by Council for another two year term  -  National Groups: The two German national branches will merge; Swiss branch reorganised (Dorothea Baumann)  -  Membership: 1852 members  -  Other matters: IAML becomes a member of the International Council on Archives.


August 11-16, Prague, Czechoslovakia: Conference  -  New Commissions or Changes: Music Information Centres Branch dissolved and replaced by a new Provisional Branch for Music Documentation Centres (Veslemöy Heintz); Bibliography Commission WG on Hofmeister XIX (Chris Banks); Broadcasting and Orchestra Libraries (Helen Faulkner); Archives Commission WG on the AMC Format (David Day); Cataloguing Commission (James P. Cassaro), WG on Uniform Titles for Anonymous Music other than Liturgical changed its name to WG on Uniform Titles for Anonymous Music Manuscipt Collections other than Liturgical; Commission for Service and Training PG on Statistics (Sue Clegg) has prepared guidelines for music library statistics; Provisional Subject Commission on AV-materials  -  National Groups: German Democratic Republic branch, founded May 29, 1959, dissolved December 5, 1990 to merge with the former BRD Branch  -  Membership: 1866 members  -  Publications: Susan Sommer appointed new editor of Fontes; IAML representatives named to editorial committee of Documenta Musicologica (Joachim Jaenecke, Hugh Cobbe and John Roberts); Klaus Keil replaced Joachim Schlichte as RSM editor  -  Other matters: the International Association of Music Information Centres (IAMIC) founded; new RISM Board elected: Harald Heckmann, president; François Lesure, vice-presiden; Dieter Albert, treasurer; Helmut Rösing, secretary; Kurt Dorfmüller, Wolfgang Rehm, members at large; Barry S Brook nominated as a candidate for the IMC Executive Committee; IFLA International Standard Bibliographic Description - Printed Music (ISBD-PM) has been published in English; ISO text for the ISMN standard finished but  not yet voted upon.


August 30 - September 4, Frankfurt am Main, Germany: Congress  -  Elections/Board: Don L. Roberts, president; Catherine Massip, past-president; Blanka Cervinkova, Hugh Cobbe, Lenore Coral, Wolfgang Kreuger, vice-presidents; Veslemöy Heintz, secretary general; Pamela Thompson appointed treasurer  -  Honorary Member: Kurt Dorfmüller  -  National Groups: South African Music Libraries Association (SAMLA) considered for national group status  -  Other matters: Malcolm Lewis appointed IAML liason with the European Community; IAML representatives appointed to the RIPM Advisory Board (Veslemöy Heintz, Imogen Fellinger, Maria Calderisi); guidelines for music library statistics prepared by the PG on Statistics (Sue Clegg) accepted by Council.


August 8-13, Helsinki, FinlandConference  -  New Commissions or Changes: Archives and Music Documenation Centres Branch (Inger Enquist); former Archives Commission WG on the AMC Format has completed its task and is dissolved; Public Libraries (Heikki Poroila); Commission on Audio-Visual Materials (David Sommerfield); WG on Copyright (Malcolm Lewis); WG for revising the Directory of Research Libraries Western Europe (Elizabeth Davis); Constitution Committee (Anders Lönn )  -  Elections/Board: Pamela Thompson succeeded Don Roberts as treasurer at the beginning of the year  -  National Groups: Spanish IAML-branch established, AEDOM Asociación Española de Documentación Musical (Jon Bagüés); following political changes, Czechoslovakian branch split into two separate bodies; Czech Branch ( Blanka Cervinková) and Slovak Branch (Emanuel Muntag); recently-established Union of Music Collections will function as the Estonian IAML Branch; IAML has now 20 national branches  -  Membership: more than 1900 members in 51 countries  -  Publications:  new publisher for Fontes is A-R Editions in Madison, Wisconsin  -  Other matters: IAML will join the European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations (EBLIDA) in 1994); Plenary session on outreach activities and an outreach fund established by Council; Anders Lönn will explore the possibility of setting up an electronic bulletin board for the association.


July 22-27, Ottawa, Canada: Conference  -  New Commissions or Changes:  Cataloguing Commission WG on the Core Bibliographic Record for Music and Sound Recordings (Anders Cato)  -  Elections/Board: Alison Hall appointed Secretary General, beginning her four year term after the congress in Elsinor  -  New National Group: Estonia (Avo Kartul)  -  Membership: 1929 members in 45 countries  -  Other matters: IAML-L launched, residing on a host at the Swedish Museum of Natural History.


June 18-23, Elsinor, Denmark: Congress  -  Elections/Board: Veslemöy Heintz, president; Don L. Roberts, past-president; Hugh Cobbe, Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi, Joachim Jaenecke, John Roberts, vice-presidents; Alison Hall, secretary general; Pamela Thompson, treasurer  -  Membership: 1962 members in 51 countries (including memberships donated as part of IAML Outreach)  -  Other matters: Susan Sommer reappointed editor of Fontes for a further three-year period; complimentary subscriptions of Fontes sent to eight developing countries to promote Outreach; Catherine Massip appointed vice-president of RISM upon retirement of Francois Lesure; IAML homepage in preparation (Anders Lönn, Julie Crawley, John Wagstaff).


September 1-6, Perugia, Italy: Conference  -  New Commissions or Changes: Archives and Music Documenation Centres Branch WG on the Registration of Music Archives (Judy Tsou); Broadcasting and Orchestra Libraries Branch (Kauko Karjalainen); Libraries in Music Teaching Institutions Branch (Federica Riva); Public Libraries (Kirsten Voss Eliassen); Research Libraries Branch (Ann Kersting); Commission on Audio-Visual Materials (Thomas Gerwin); Bibliography Commission (John Howard); Commission on Service and Training (Mary Kay Duggan); IAML members of the RILM Commission Mixte: Barry Brook, Lenore Coral, Richard Andrewes, Susanne Staral and Teresa Abejon; IAML/IASA Committee on Music and Sound Archives, president Ulf Scharlau (IASA), IAML members Wolfgang Krueger and David Sommerfield; Copyright Committee (Anne Le Lay)  -  Other mattersIAML Constitution printed in Fontes 1996:4; two new RIdIM committees established (UK and Switzerland); responsibility for IAML Home Page assumed by Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi.


August 31 - September 5, Geneva, Switzerland: Conference  -  Elections/Board: Martie Severt appointed Treasurer for a four-year term beginning at the end of 1998  -  New National Groups:  Croatian branch is in its second year of organizing itself as an official national branch; Music Library Section established within the Russian Library Association  -  Membership: 2003 members in 58 countries - Other matters:  Slovakian RIdIM group is founded; Constitution Committee (Anders Lönn) working on Rules of Procedure; Inger Enquist appointed IAML Archivist.


June 21-26, San Sebastian, Spain: Congress  -  Elections/Board: Pamela Thompson, president; Veslemöy Heintz, past-president; Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi, Joachim Jaenecke, John Roberts, Kirsten Voss-Eliasson, vice-presidents; Alison Hall, secretary general; Martie Severt, treasurer. Membership: 1941 members in 57 countries.


July 18-23, Wellington, New Zealand: Conference  -  New Commissions or Changes: Archives and Music Documentation Centres Branch (Judy Tsou); Bibliography Commission (Susanne Staral); Cataloguing Commission (Anders Cato), WG on Music in UNIMARC (Anders Cato); Commission on Audio Visual Materials (Antony Gordon);Copyright Committee (Anne Le Lay); Information Technology (IT) Committee (Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi)  - Membership: 1962 members in 58 countries. - Other matters: IAML Outreach Fund used for first time to subsidize travel to attend conference; first draft Electronic Newsletter on the IAML web page (ed. Alison Hall); John Wagstaff appointed editor of Fontes beginning in 2001.


August 6-11, Edinburgh, United Kingdom: Conference - New Commissions or changes: Constitution Committee (Richard Chesser) - Secretary General’s term extended for two years (Alison Hall) - National Groups: Russian branch formed, which is also the Music Libraries Section of the Russian Library Association (Emilia Rassina); first Baltic-Nordic Conference held in Tallinn; lunchtime working meeting introduced for National Branch representatives - Membership: 1943 members in 58 countries - Publications: Suggestion that Fontes be made available electronically via H.W. Wilson (Susan T. Sommer); iaml-l has 380 subscribers - Other matters: ISO WG on Library Statistics (IAML Liaison, Lenore Coral); President attended IMC in Petra; President gave a paper at the Tchaikovsky Conservatoire, Moscow; Council approved increase in honoraria for Treasurer, Secretary General and Editor of Fontes; suggestion to use website for Call for Papers (Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi); Board proposes representatives from organisations with whom we have been linked over the years be invited to the 50th anniversary congress; IAML Archivist to attend ICA meeting in Seville (Inger Enquist); Joachim Jaenecke attends IAMIC meeting in Budapest.


July 8-13, Périgueux, France: Congress (IAML's 50th anniversary attended by over three hundred and fifty delegates from forty two countries) - New Commissions or changes: Working Group on the Exchange of Authority Records approved (Sherry Vellucci); Working Group on Registration of Music Archives renewed - Elections/Board: John H. Roberts, president; Pamela Thompson, past-president; Dominique Hausfater, Federica Riva, Ruth Hellen, Kirsten Voss Eliasson, vice-presidents - Other roles: RISM Liaison (Federica Riva); Outreach Officer (Ruth Helen); Publications Committee Chair (Dominique Hausfater) - Honorary Members: Anders Lönn, Lenore Coral, and François Lesure (posthumously) - Membership: 1950 members in 42 countries - Publications: John Wagstaff takes over from Suki Sommer as Editor of Fontes; RISM Series C camera-ready copy handed to Bärenreiter; Documenta Musicologica published Heinichen's first treatise (1711) - Other matters: IAML represented at ICA Congress, Seville (Inger Enquist); IAML membership dues currency changes to from DM to Euro; EU PULMAN project (IAML liaison Pamela Thompson); Richard Chesser nominated as member of IFLA Committee on Copyright; Veslemöy Heintz, Florence Gétreau and Zdravko Blazekovic appointed to represent IAML on RIdIM Commission Mixte; RIPM celebrates twentieth birthday; amendments to the Rules of Procedure were passed to clarify aspects of working groups and also procedures for Branch and Commission election ballots for Chairs; proposal to amend the Constitution to accommodate multi-national branches was postponed; Board suggests IAML consider revisions to the frequency of Congresses and the structure of the programme; Concert Programmes project mooted (Pamela Thompson).


August 4-9, Berkeley, USA: Conference - New Commissions or changes: Broadcasting and Orchestra Libraries Branch (Jutta Lambrecht); Libraries in Music Teaching Institutions Branch (Anne Le Lay); Public Libraries Branch (Kirsten Husted); Research Libraries Branch Joachim Jaenecke); Cataloguing Commission (Alison Hall); Commission on Service and Training (Wolfgang Krueger); Outreach Committee (Ruth Hellen); Programme Committee (Pamela Thompson); Working Group on the Indexing of Musical Performances (Rupert Ridgewell); Working Group on the Registration of Music Archives name-change to Working Group on the International Register of Music Archives (IRMA) (David Day); Sub-Commission on UNIMARC established under Cataloguing Commission (Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi) - Elections/Board: Changes to electoral procedures approved by Council - National Groups: 30th anniversary of Australian Branch; establishment of Austrian Branch proposed; 10th anniversary of Estonian Branch; IAML (UK) becomes IAML (UK& Ireland) - Honorary Members: Dr. Kurt Dorfmüller celebrated his 80th birthday - Membership: 1943 members in 56 countries - Publications: Fontes issue 49/1 (music periodicals) dedicated to the memory of Imogen Fellinger; Australia represented on the Editorial Board (Georgina Binns); search committee established for Newsletter editor; RISM Series C published by Bärenreiter - Other matters: RISM 50th anniversary, Frankfurt; Roger Flury appointed Secretary General designate from 2003; website domain name registered; IAML Archives held at Music Library of Sweden, Stockholm (Inger Enquist, archivist); Rules of Procedure amended to give Publications Committee oversight and coordination of all publications in all formats; honorarium approved for Webmaster.


July 6-11, Tallinn, Estonia: Conference - New Commissions or changes: Copyright Committee (Federica Riva replaces Anne Le Lay); Working Group on the IAML Toolbox (Kirsten Voss Eliasson); interim committee established to govern IRMA (Judy Tsou). Elections/Board: Alison Hall retires after 8 years as Secretary General - National Groups: Austrian branch formed; Armenia requests help to form a branch; Hungary begins to form a national branch; 20th anniversary of the New Zealand branch; 30th anniversary of the Norwegian branch; 50th anniversary of Swedish and UK & Irl branches; National Branch reports removed from Council to a separate session; full reports to appear in Fontes and the Newsletter - Membership: 1905 members in 54 countries - Publications: Overtures from IIMP and NISC to make Fontes available online rejected. Fontes behind schedule and six issues per year will be needed to catch up; Michael Fingerhut appointed Newsletter editor - Other matters: IAML enters into dialogue with New Grove editor, Laura Macy; John Roberts to attend IMC in Montevideo and ISMN meeting in Berlin; PULMAN project completed (Pamela Thompson); USA joins ISMN; after much discussion, a vote on changes to Constitution and Rules of Procedure re. multi-national branches, remits and new Committees was deferred; IAML representatives for RIdIM Commission Mixte appointed; Board proposes the General Assembly meet each year as part of move to speed up decision making; IAML liaison to ISO Technical Committee 46, Standing Committee 8 on Library Statistics (Lenore Coral).


August 8-13, Oslo, Norway: Joint Congress with IASA - New Commissions or changes: Information Technology Committee (Antony Gordon); Publications Committee (John Roberts replaces Dominique Hausfater); Programme Committee (Jim Cassaro replaces Pamela Thompson); Sub-commission on UNIMARC (Laurence Decobert); Working Group on the Exchange of Authority Data (Malcolm Jones); Ad-hoc Committee established to examine conference structure (Richard Chesser); Working Group on Music Periodicals disbanded - Elections/Board: Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi, president; John Roberts, past-president; Jim Cassaro, Dominique Hausfater, Ruth Hellen, Federica Riva - vice-presidents; Roger Flury, secretary general; Martie Severt, treasurer - National Groups: Formation of Croatian and Lithuanian branches in process; 10th anniversary of Slovak branch - Membership: 1861 members in 52 countries - Publications: John Wagstaff, Fontes editor, resigns; search committee for new editor established; [IAML-L] added to subject line on listserv emails; website redesigned and space made available to host branch homepages - Other matters: Guidelines for Conference Organisers and Guidelines for Branch, Commission and Working Group Chairs updated; Gabriele Gamba appointed Webmaster; copyright survey distributed to national branches; RILM Commission Mixte appointments approved (Chris Banks, Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi, Veslemöy Heintz, Martie Severt, Wolfgang Krueger); IAML joins with six other organisations to form an advisory board for New Grove 2 (John Roberts); Constitutional amendments regarding Multi-national branches approved.


July 10-15, Warsaw, Poland: Conference - New Commissions or changes: Archives & Documentation Centres Branch (John Shepard); Public Libraries Branch (Hanneke Kuiper); Audio-Visual Commission (Elizabeth Giuliani); Bibliography Commission (David Day); Cataloguing Commission (Antony Gordon); Committee established to create guidelines for adding material to the website (Angela Escott); Working Group on the Exchange of Authority Data and Working Group on Hofmeister XIX renewed for a further three years; Working Group on the Registration of Music Archives changes name to Working Group on Access to Music Archives (David Day replaced by Judy Tsou and Inger Enquist) and is renewed for a further three years; Working Group on the Indexing of Musical Performances will now be called the Working Group on Access to Performance Ephemera; Working Group on ISBD and Music re-established (David Sommerfield) - National Groups: New branch in Portugal in process - Membership: 1856 members in 52 countries; New directory of members in preparation - Publications: Maureen Buja appointed new editor of Fontes from 2005 - Other matters: iaml-l membership exceeds 600; President to attend IMC in Los Angeles; policy on inviting and funding guest speakers approved; agreement to hold a General Assembly in 2006; revised structure of conferences presented by Ad-hoc committee (Richard Chesser).


18-23 June, Göteborg, Sweden: IAML-IAMIC-IMS international joint Conference - New Commissions or changes: Working Group on a Music Ontology proposed under the auspices of the Cataloguing Commission (Antony Gordon) - National Groups: Australian Branch becomes and incorporated society; UK & Ireland Branch publish Golden Jubilee newsletter - Membership:1841 members in 53 countries - Publications: Fontes back on schedule by 2007; special issues on Outreach (Ruth Hellen) and Russian collections (Pamela Thompson) - Other matters: Spanish language forum established on website (Jon Bagüés); search committee established to see new Treasurer from 2007; General Assembly approved increases to all honoraria; Secretary General invited to serve a second term (2006-2009); RISM Commission Mixte reconstituted with four IAML representatives (Catherine Massip, John Roberts, Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi, Chris Banks); Bonna Boettcher succeeds Lenore Coral as moderator of iaml-l; need to preserve conference websites; RIPM celebrates 25th anniversary.


July 1-6, Sydney, Australia: Congress - New Commissions or changes: Ad-hoc Committee on Electronic Voting (Roger Flury); Ad-hoc Committee on Electronic Fontes; Outreach Committee (Aurika Gergeleziu) - Elections/Board: Martie Severt, president; Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi, past-president; Jim Cassaro, Jon Bagüés, Aurika Gergeleziu, Jutta Lambrecht, vice-presidents; Kathryn Adamson, treasurer; Roger Flury, secretary general - Membership: 1845 members in 53 countries - Publications: Fontes back on schedule; special issue on South Africa; Guidelines for publishing on the website now available; Peer review introduced on request from the author only - Other matters: The President and 3 other members represented IAML at the 140th anniversary of the Moscow Conservatoire; Ruth Hellen and the President compiled a report for the Armenian Minister of Culture on the state of the National Musicological Library; first discussions by Council of proposals from Norway and Denmark for changes to IAML (Siren Steen, Ole Bisbjerg); Secretary General attends the Australian Branch conference; Kathy Adamson succeeds Martie Severt as Treasurer; ISO Liaison taken on by Gerry Ostrove, replacing Roger Flury (who had temporarily taken over from Lenore Coral); outgoing Outreach chair, Ruth Hellen, produces her last newsletter with reports from 15 contributing countries; RIdIM database online.


July 20-25, Naples, Italy: Conference - New Commissions or changes: Working Group on Access to Music Archives (Jon Bagüés, Inger Enquist); Copyright Committee (Richard Chesser); Music Ontology Working Group (Antony Gordon); Working Group on Hofmeister XIX, having completed its task, is replaced by Working Group on Hofmeister (Chris Banks) for one year; Working Group on ISBD and Music completes its work (David Sommerfield); Sub-commission on UNIMARC (Isabelle Gauchet Doris) - National Groups: 25th anniversary of New Zealand Branch - Membership: 1817 members in 52 countries - Publications: iam-l has 547 subscribers; Anne Kersting-Meuleman joins John Roberts and Joachim Jaenecke as IAML representatives on the Editorial Board of Documenta Musicologica - Other matters: Poster sessions introduced; ICTM joins IAML and IMS as third sponsoring body represented on RILM Commission Mixte; Martie Severt, Wolfgang Krueger, Jim Cassaro, Richard Chesser confirmed as IAML representatives on RILM Commission Mixte; President attends IMC meeting in Beijing; Roger Flury renewed as Secretary General for two years (2009-2011); Copyright Committee survey posted on website; Working Group on Access to Music Archives fails to gain funding from Mellon; electronic voting system proposed for 2010 elections; Catherine Massip, Chris Banks, Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi and John Roberts appointed to the Commission Mixte of RISM; revised ISMN standard in force from 1 January 2008.


July 5-10, Amsterdam, The Netherlands: joint IAML/IMS: conference - New Commissions or changes: Copyright Committee (Helen Faulkner) - National Groups: 50th anniversary of Finnish Branch; 15th anniversary of Italian Branch - Membership: 1779 members in 50 countries; membership database tested - Publications: Quick links added to website; Fontes special issue on Asia; Michael Fingerhut steps down as Newsletter editor; Guidelines established for all IAML publications (Jutta Lambrecht); Recent Publications in Music moves to a pdf document on website; iaml-l has 562 subscribers; Thomas Kalk and Adèlaïde Kientzi succeed Wolfgang Krueger and Dominique Hausfater on Fontes editorial board; Chair of Publications Committee now automatically joins Fontes Board - Other matters: Thomas Leibnitz replaces the late Wolfgang Krueger on the RILM Commission Mixte; Zdravko Blazekovic joined by Paul Banks and Laurent Pugin on RIdIM Commission Mixte; survey prepared for conference feedback; proposal to abandon printed Preliminary Programme (Roger Flury); future of IAML to be topic of Plenary Session in Moscow; meeting of the R-Coordination Initiative organised by RISM; first instalment of RIPM Online Archive; RILM blog, Bibliolore begins in October 2009.


27 June-2 July, Moscow, Russia: Congress - New Commissions or changes: Sub-Commission on ISBD and Music (Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi); Working Group on the Transition of Hofmeister (Chair and exact name to be agreed); Programme Committee (Stanisław Hrabia succeeds Jim Cassaro); Outreach Committee (Martie Severt) - Elections/Board: Roger Flury – president; Martie Severt, past-president; Johan Eeckeloo, Antony Gordon, Stanisław Hrabia, Jutta Lambrecht - vice-presidents; Pia Shekhter - secretary general - Honorary Members: Veslemöy Heintz, Pamela Thompson - Membership: 1770 members in 51 countries; UNESCO scale adopted to assess membership fees for developing countries; demonstration of online membership directory - Publications: Fontes special issue on public libraries; Brian McMillan appointed new editor of Newsletter; iam-l has 586 subscribers, and hosting renewed at Cornell University (Bonna Boettcher); proposal to make Fontes available online for members - Other matters: President attended IMC in Tunisia and MLA in San Diego; connection with LIBER proposed (Chris Banks); IAML represented at IFLA (Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi); Board to investigate Memorandum of Understanding with the European Association of Conservatories (AEC) (Pia Shekhter); electronic voting ready to be used for the 2013 elections (Roger Flury); Foro Latinoamérica database introduced (Jon Bagüés); desire for a new logo (Pia Shekhter); contributions from RILM national committees reached a record high of 20,808 new records (Barbara Dobbs Mackenzie); RISM new website and online catalogue available (Klaus Keil); Plenary Session on the Future of IAML, prepared by Jim Cassaro and chaired by Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi.


24-29 July, Dublin, Republic of Ireland: 60th anniversary Conference - New Commissions or changes: Archives and Music Documentation Centres (Marie-Gabrielle Soret); Broadcasting and Orchestra Libraries (Nienke de Boer); Libraries in Music Teaching Institutions (Johan Eeckeloo); Public Libraries (Anne Le Lay); Research Libraries (Jim Cassaro); Bibliography Commission (Rupert Ridgewell); Audio-Visual materials (Andrew Justice); Service and Training (Geoff Thomason); Cataloguing (Joseph Hafner); Working Group for Web Site Development (Clemens Gresser); structure of Programme Committee revised (Stanisław Hrabia); purpose and function of Copyright Committee revised (Helen Faulkner); Working Group on Access to Music Archives extended for three years (Inger Enquist and Jon Bagüés); Music Ontology Working Group wound up (Antony Gordon); Working Group on the Transition of Hofmeister (proposed in 2010) no longer needed; Strategy Committee (Antony Gordon); Working Group on Access to Performance Ephemera renewed for three years (Paul Banks); Working Group for Libraries in Music Teaching Institutions and Accreditation (Pia Shekhter); Working Group on the Creation of a Digital Collection Database (Andrew Justice) - Elections/Board: Kathy Adamson reappointed Treasurer for a further 2 years - National Groups: Historic merger of IAML-US with MLA on 30 June 2011 (Judy Tsou, Jerry McBride respective presidents) - Membership: 1757 members in 52 countries; directory now online - Publications: Newsletter discontinued in favour of website improvements (Jutta Lambrecht); new post of Web Editor approved; iaml-l has 651 subscribers; Fontes special topics issue on National Libraries; Johan Eeckeloo replaces Adèlaïde Kientzi on Fontes editorial board - Other matters: Global financial crisis begins to impact on music libraries; President gives keynote address at IAML Australia Branch meeting, Brisbane; order of future conferences amended due to 2013 Danish Branch cancellation; Secretary General represented IAML at IFLA, AEC and IMC meetings; Geraldine Ostrove steps down as ISO liaison; Memorandum of Understanding signed between IAML and AEC; ; the International RIdIM Center moves from Institut d’histoire de l’art, Paris (2006-2010) to London University’s Institute for Musical Research; 2nd Plenary Session on the Future of IAML (Jim Cassaro); first roundtable discussion with national representatives and the IAML Board (Roger Flury).


July 22-27, Montréal, Canada: Conference - New Commissions or changes: Public Libraries (Carolyn Dow); Cataloguing Commission (Anders Cato); Strategy Committee (Antony Gordon) replaced by Ad-hoc Committee on the Restructuring of IAML (John Roberts (chair), Richard Chesser, Janneka Guise, Barbara Wiermann) - Elections/Board: Thomas Kalk appointed Treasurer from 2013 - National Groups: Branch report session discontinued in favour of Branch and Representatives discussion with the IAML Board; all national reports will be on the website ahead of conference and in Fontes - Membership: 1801 members in 51 countries - Publications: Fontes special topics issue on cataloguing; David Day steps down after five years as Advertising Manager; Colin Coleman appointed European Book Review editor; discussions with JSTOR; iaml-l has 642 subscribers; hosting by Cornell University was renewed - Other matters: IAML Board uses PBWorks as an effective discussion tool; Secretary General attend IMC forum in Tallinn and Japanese Branch annual meeting; Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi attended a conference in Armenia and IFLA in Puerto Rico; President joined the UK & Ireland Branch Music Library Excellence Awards panel; 60th anniversary of RISM celebrated in June; results of post-conference survey from Dublin; Past-president, Martie Severt, appointed Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau; Guidelines for Conference Organisers updated (Pia Shekhter); Kathy Adamson to step down as Treasurer in 2013; Antony Gordon becomes IAML’s ISO liaison; new role of Web Editor approved (Andrew Justice); Antwerp and Brussels approved as a late conference venue substitute for Denmark in 2014; Roger Flury joins RILM Commission Mixte; RIdIM reforms its structure so that each sponsoring organisation (IAML, MS and CIMCIM) nominates a liaison officer (IAML appoints Paul Banks, 2011-2015); joint R Projects website launched at; IAML Conference presentations will be published on its website, not in separate conference proceedings (Jutta Lambrecht); delegates urged to sign a petition to save the Discoteca di Stato (Federica Riva).


July 28 – August 2, Vienna, Austria: Congress - New Commissions or changes: Advocacy Committee (Pamela Thompson); IT Committee disbanded; Working Group on the Creation of a Digital Collection Database disbanded; Constitution Reform Committee created to draft changes to the Constitution and Rules of Procedure for approval at the 2014 conference to facilitate a two-tier structure of Board and General Assembly - Elections/ Board: Electronic voting introduced for the first time; Barbara Dobbs Mackenzie – president; Roger Flury – past-president; Johan Eeckeloo, Antony Gordon, Joseph Hafner, Stanisław Hrabia – vice-presidents; Pia Shekhter – secretary general; Thomas Kalk – Treasurer - National Groups: Report from the Ad-hoc Committee on the Restructuring of IAML discussed at Roundtable meeting; Armenian Association of Music Libraries formed; Guidelines for National Reports formulated (Pia Shekhter); 40th anniversary of Norwegian Branch; 60th anniversaries of German, Swedish and UK & Ireland Branches; discussions on the formation of a unified Belgian Branch begin - Honorary Members: Citations for recent Honorary Members added to website (Pia Shekhter) - Membership: 1742 members in 50 - Publications: Agreement signed with JSTOR to provide digitisation of complete run (supplied via Martie Severt) and free access to all members; Fontes special topics issue on Service and Training (Geoff Thomason); Web Designer (Göran Lind), Web Editor (Stefanie Hundsberger), Web Assistant Editors (Astrid Evasdotter Smith and Jennifer Ward) appointed; iaml-l has 672 subscribers; IAML Twitter account and Facebook page established; Working Group on Access Music Archives obtains rights to update RISM-C directory and make it available online (Jon Bagüès); Search Committee approved for new Fontes editor from 2015 - Other matters: Report from the Ad-hoc Committee on the Restructuring of IAML posted on website; President provides a profile of IAML for EBLIDA newsletter; President writes protest letters on the closing of the Netherlands Radio Music Library and the radical restructuring of the Music and Theatre Library of Sweden as libraries are increasingly affected by the global economic crisis; Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi represents IAML in Armenia; several IAML members honoured by MLA during the year - Bonna Boettcher, Judy Tsou, Ruthann McTyre and Jerry McBride; Guidelines for Proposals to hold a IAML Conference formulated (Pia Shekhter); Mentoring programme introduced (Pia Shekhter); Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi represented IAML at IFLA in Helsinki and joins Joseph Hafner as an elected member of the Cataloguing Section; Jim Cassaro is IAML’s representative on the Oxford Music Advisory Panel; IAML Code of Conduct proposed (Jerry McBride); Proposal to meet in Rome in 2016 approved; RILM Retrospective Abstracts of Music Literature published; RIPM e-library of Music Periodicals published; Conference survey to be sent out.


13-18 July, Antwerp, Belgium: Conference - New Commissions or changes: Council disbanded as part of restructuring; Archives and Music Documentations Centres (Marie Cornaz); Research Libraries Branch Chair (Thomas Leibnitz); Commission on Service and Training (Jane Gottlieb); Ad hoc Committee on Organizational Structure (Level 2) (Barbara Wiermann and John Roberts – co-chairs); Outreach Committee (Jon Bagüés); Copyright Committee (Claire Kidwell); Membership Committee (Jim Cassaro); Conference Committee (Antony Gordon); Publications Committee (Joseph Hafner); Working Group on Access to Performance Ephemera renewed for two years (Paul Banks); Working Group on Access to Music Archives renewed for three years (Klaas Jaap van der Meiden, Co-chair); Ad-hoc Committee on Electronic Voting disbanded; Constitution Reform Committee disbanded; Libraries in Music Teaching Institutions and Accreditation Working Group disbanded - Elections/Board: Pia Shekhter appointed for a further two year term as Secretary General - National Groups: 50th anniversary of the Polish Branch; new Brazil Branch formed - Honorary Members: John Roberts (citation by Martie Severt) - Membership: 1655 members in 47 branches - Publications: Jim Cassaro appointed new Editor of Fontes; special topics issue When Music Goes Digital (Jantien Dubbeldam and Katie Lai); Gerry Ostrove steps down as editor of Recent Publications in Music; iaml- has 667 subscribers; Fontes added to Full-Text RILM Collection; all aggregator contracts to be reviewed by Publications Committee; Jennifer Ward becomes new Web Editor; demonstration of draft plans for new website; Code of Conduct approved by Council - Other matters: Council approved the changes to the Constitution and Rules of Procedure (circulated earlier in the year) as proposed by the Constitution Reform Committee; website server transferred from Milan to Iceland (Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi and Gabriele Gamba); Guidelines for Speakers and Guidelines for Session Chairs prepared for website; Concert Programmes Database demonstrated (Rupert Ridgewell); 300 responses to post-Vienna conference survey; IAML Historian appointed (Roger Flury); the President and Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi give presentations in Brazil; the President, Secretary General and others attend a conference in South Korea; the President attends MLA and CAML; the President and the Secretary General attend the IAML UK & Ireland study weekend; Judy Tsou replaces Inger Enquist as IAML’s liaison with ICA; IAML members honoured by other organisations included Veslemöy Heintz, Jim Cassaro and Roger Flury. Federica Riva replaces Paul Banks as RIdIM Liaison; RILM enters into long-term partnership with Bärenreiter & J.B. Metzler to produce MGG online; RIPM’s coverage extended from 1760 through 1966 to dovetail with the RILM Abstracts of Music Literature; Wolf-Dieter Seiffert elected President of RISM.


21-26 June, New York City, USA: IAML/IMS joint-Congress – Music Research in the Digital Age - New Commissions or changes: Conference Committee disestablished (Antony Gordon) - Elections/Board: Preparations underway for the second electronic election for President and Vice-presidents in 2016 - Honorary Members: Catherine Massip (proposed by John Roberts) - Membership: President and Secretary General visit long-standing (and possibly oldest) IAML member, Eric Cooper - Publications: General Assembly approved the application to have Fontes included in Project MUSE; Maureen Buja thanked for her work as Editor for ten years - Other matters: First congress under new two-tier structure of Board and General Assembly, and Council abolished in favour of The Forum of National Representatives and the Forum of Commissions and Branches; RILM’s 50th anniversary; RIPM ceases print publications; President gave papers at AIBM in Nuremberg, Polish Branch conference in Warsaw, and Musica Conservata meeting in Florence; Report of Ad-hoc Committee on Organizational Structure (Level 2) presented to Board, iaml-l and approved by the General Assembly after considerable discussion (John Roberts and Barbara Wiermann); Olle Fernau replaces Inger Enquist as IAML Archivist; Secretary General visits IAML colleagues in Weimar, Leipzig, Berlin and Dresden; Secretary General participates in the 36th General Assembly of the International Music Council in Rabat (Morocco); Assistant Web Editors appointed (Eric Mortenson and Stephanie Hundsberger); invitations to hold future conferences in Riga (2017) and Leipzig (2018) happily accepted; “Hot Topic” session introduced (IMSLP panel discussion for New York); Conference survey (post-Antwerp) published online; Joseph Hafner appointed IAML Liaison with IFLA; Pia Shekhter appointed IAML Liaison to IMC; Johan Eeckeloo appointed IAML Liaison with AEC.


Rome, Italy, 3-8 July 2016: Congress – New Commissions or changes: Anna Pensaert succeeds Pam Thompson as Chair of the Advocacy Committee; Rupert Ridgewell succeeds Stanisław Hrabia as Programme Officer - Elections (Board): Stanisław Hrabia, president elect; Jane Gottlieb, Joseph Hafner, Balázs Mikusi, Rupert Ridgewell, vice-presidents; GA approves reappointed of Pia Shekhter as Secretary General for another two-year term; Barbara Dobbs Mackenzie remains as President for one year, becoming Past-president in 2017 - National Groups: Association of Music Libraries in China established; national branch formally established in Greece - Honorary Members: Howard Robert Cohen (proposed by the IAML Board; citation by Benjamin Knysak) - Membership (2015): 1584 members in 49 countries - Publications: Jim Cassaro appointed Editor of Fontes; non-print version of Fontes available online via Project MUSE or JSTOR and also via the IAML website; new design for cover - 'R' Projects: RIdIM extends to Mexico; RILM Music Encyclopedias launched; work continues on RIPM’s Jazz Periodicals - Other matters: New logo designed by Anja Waldmann is introduced; Ad Hoc Committee on Organizational Structure (Level 2) completes work on names and status of IAML sections and sub-groups; GA approves changes to the IAML Constitution and Rules of Procedure; the Constitution Committee will now work on the Terms of Reference for each group; IAML Historian, Roger Flury, updated the IAML chronology and drafted an essay to continue the one written for IAML’s 50th anniversary by Harald Heckmann; Federica Riva, Annalisa Bini, and Tiziana Grande presented Agostina Zecca Laterza with a 'Book of Friends' to express great respect and gratitude from the members of IAML-Italia; the passing of Jane Anne Pearce Baldwin (1952-2015) was sadly noted.


Riga, Latvia, 18-22 June 2017: Congress – New Commissions or changes: Publications Awards Subcommittee established; Cataloguing Section renamed Cataloguing and Metadata Section; Project Group on Access to Performance Ephemera changed to a Study Group; Working Group on Access to Music Archives changed to Study Group on Music Archives - Election of officers for IAML's Institutional Sections: Archives and Music Documentation Centres (Marie Cornaz, re-elected); Broadcasting and Orchestra Libraries (Sabina Benelli); Libraries in Music Teaching Institutions (Charles Peters); Public Libraries (Ruth Walters); Research Libraries (Thomas Leibnitz, re-elected) - Election of officers for IAML's Subject Sections: Audio-Visual Materials (Jonathan Manton); Bibliography (Stefan Engl); Cataloguing (Frédéric Lemmers); Service and Training (Anna Pensaert) - National Groups: New national branches established in South Korea, Brazil and Greece; first ever Pan-American Regional IAML Conference hosted in Orlando by the MLA and CAML; first-ever joint conference of IAML, ICTM and IMS held in Abu Dhabi (UAE) - Membership (2016): 1624 in 50 countries - Publications: New brochure created; Recent Publications in Music moved to an online database on the IAML website; Fontes Artis Musicae available on the Project MUSE platform starting with Volume 63, Number 1, January/March 2016, and will be current with the newest issues. Members also have access to a complete run of Fontes (1954-2015) via JSTOR on the website, thus achieving a much-requested goal of complete electronic access; Eric Mortenson resigned his position as Assistant Web Editor in January 2017; the Web Team now consists of Jennifer Ward (Web Editor), Gabriele Gamba (Webmaster), and Antony Gordon as Gabriele's administrative backup - 'R' Projects: RIdIM Council of the Association and President all re-elected for a further term; Mexican and Iranian RIdIM Working Groups established, new RIdIM national centre proposed for Australia; RILM's focus expanded to encompass full-text projects (Music Encyclopedias, Abstracts of Music Literature with Full Text, MGG Online); RIPM has treated 297 music journals: 262 journals indexed, 205 in full text; the RIPM Index contains over 853,000 records, and RIPM supplies over one million pages of full text; the RISM online catalogue will increase significantly in the near future as data from external library catalogues is being included, starting with RISM France, CZ-Bu, USBETm, and US-WS; agreements have also been made with Italy (ICCU), Spain (National Library), Austria (National Library), and other institutions; there are 35,367 records with the display of links to digitised music; a new release of the online catalogue is planned for the end of 2017/beginning 2018; the IAML Board appointed the following representatives to the RISM Commission mixte for the years 2018-2022: Mathias Auclair, Paris (France); Richard Chesser, London (UK); Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi, Milan (Italy); Beatriz Magalhães Castro (Brazil); Balázs Mikusi, Budapest (Hungary) - Other matters: IAML established as a legal entity in the state of Wisconsin, where its legal address is the headquarters of A-R Editions, the printer of our Association's journal; registration for tax-exempt status is underway; Thomas Kalk reappointed as Treasurer for two years; membership database updated; Stanisław Hrabia presented a concept of strategic directions grouped in four areas: (1) Organisation, (2) Membership, (3) Visibility, and (4) Continuity; new Terms of Reference drafted for all IAML groups; Liesbeth Hoedemaeker-Cohen Fund for IAML Congress Travel established, with an Awards Committee of IAML President Stanisław Hrabia (chair), Barbara Dobbs Mackenzie (permanent member, selected by the Director of RIPM), Armin Brinzing (Austria), Phillippa McKeown-Green (New Zealand), Daniel Paradis (Canada), Jaakko Tuohiniemi (Finland).


Leipzig, Germany, 22-27 July 2018: Congress – New Commissions or changes: Anders Cato appointed Secretary General, replacing Pia Shekhter who had served in the role for 8 years; Richard Ranft appointed IAML Webmaster; Michelle Hahn appointed Assistant Web Editor; JeongYoun Chang appointed chair of the Membership Committee (replacing Jane Gottlieb, who remains as a committee member); Jon Bagüés replaced by Barbara Dobbs Mackenzie as chair of the Outreach Committee after many years of service; Blanka Ellederová (Prague) appointed chair of the Public Libraries Section; Ad Hoc Committee on IAML Archives established - Membership (2017): 1553 members in 49 countries - Publications: From 2019, the electronic version of Fontes Artis Musicae will be the default for individual members; the Vladimir Fédorov Award for the best article published in Fontes in 2016 was given to Sandra Tuppen, Stephen Rose, and Loukia Drosopoulou; the François Lesure Award for the best review published in Fontes in 2016 was given to Terry Dean; the Vladimir Fédorov Award for the best article published in Fontes in 2017 was given to Andrea Lindmayr-Brandl; the François Lesure Award for the best review published in Fontes in 2017 was given to Hayley Fenn - 'R' Projects: RILM is preparing for the addition of the Index to Printed Music, which came under RILM’s ownership on 1 July 2018; RIdIM elected Professor Heinz Stefan Herzka as an Honorary Member of Association RIdIM and also welcomed the Australian National RIdIM Centre as a new national committee; processing the first instalment of RIPM Jazz Periodicals completed, with the collaboration of the Institute of Jazz Studies of Rutgers University, and it is planned for release the Fall of 2018; Balázs Mikusi was co-opted Board member of RISM until the elections in 2019. As a result, a position on the RISM Commission mixte became vacant and the Board replaced Balázs with Jane Gottlieb - Other matters: IAML reached tax exempt status in 2018; two changes to the Constitution and six changes to the Rules of Procedures were approved; the International Music Forum of Six Societies (ICTM; SEM; IMS; IAML; IASPM; ATMC) took place in Beijing at the Central Conservatory of Music, 11-14 July 2018; the President represented IAML at the official launch of the European Agenda for Music (IAML is listed among the organisations supporting this document); Jürgen Diet, Past-President of IAML Germany, was elected as a member of the Präsidium of the German Music Council (Deutscher Musikrat); Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi visited Yerevan to continue outreach support for music libraries in Armenia; the Advocacy Committee approved Pia Shekhter’s proposal to encourage UNESCO to establish an International Day of Music Libraries and Archives; the International ISMN Agency celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary this year. Since the beginning, Hartmut Walravens has been its director, and now the chairman. After so many years, both he and his co-chairman, Joachim Jaenecke, want to step back from their positions; the winner of the very first Liesbeth Hoedemaeker-Cohen Fund for the IAML Congress Travel Award was Katherine J. Penner from Canada; the passing of two members was sadly noted, Patrick Mills (1939-2017 and Wolfgang Rehm (1929-2017).


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