Glossary of acronyms, abbreviations, and terms

These are some of the acronyms, abbreviations, and terms you will find related to IAML and music libraries.

Term Expansion/Explanation
AACR2 Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, 2nd edition [often simply just AACR]
AEC The Association Européenne des Conservatoires, Académies de Musique et Musikhochschulen
AGM Annual General Meeting
AHRB Arts and Humanities Research Board
AHDS Arts and Humanities Data Service
ALA American Library Association
ARSC Association for Recorded Sound Collections (principally US-based)
Association see IAML
ASW Annual Study Weekend
BBC British Broadcasting Corporation
BL British Library
BLCMP Birmingham Libraries Co-operative Mechanisation Project
BLCPP British Library Co-operation & Partnership Programme
BLDSC British Library Document Supply Centre
BMIC British Music Information Centre
BnF Bibliothèque national de France
Board The Board is the executive committee of the General Assembly and comprises eight officers.
BPI Trade body for the UK record industry
Branch see National Branch
CC:DA Committee on Cataloging: Description & Access — part of ALA
CERL Consortium of European Research Libraries
CHOMBEC Centre for the History of Music in Britain, the Empire and the Commonwealth
CIDOC Committee on Documentation of the International Council of Museums
CILIP Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals
CIMCIM International Committee of Musical Instrument Museums and Collections
CMC Contemporary Music Centre [Dublin]
COLICO Committee on Library Cooperation in Ireland
CONARLS Circle of Officers of National and Regional Library Systems
Commission Mixte Committees that serve an advisory role in the R projects
Committee A Committee carries out specific assignments to advise the Association on administrative and legal matters, dealing with questions of interest to the whole Association.
Constitution Committee This committee advises the Board on matters of governance concerning the Association.
Copyright Committee This committee keeps its eye on issues related to music copyright around the world.
CURL Consortium of University Research Libraries
DC Dublin Core (metadata standard)
DCMI Dublin Core Metadata Initiative
DCMS Department for Culture, Media and Sport
DCU Dublin City University
DENI Department of Education for Northern Ireland
DIT Dublin Institute of Technology [includes Conservatory of Music and Drama]
DTD Document Type Definition (XML definitions)
EAD Encoded Archival Description
EAN European Article Number (i.e. the barcode on all European products) see also UPC
EBLIDA European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations
Excursions Traditionally, the IAML congress offers tours on Wednesday afternoons during the congress week to visit local attractions and places of cultural interest.
FAIR Focus on Access to Institutional Resources
Farewell dinner The final dinner on the last evening of the congress.
Fontes IAML's peer-reviewed journal, Fontes artis musicae.
Forum of National Representatives Each National Branch sends one representative to the Forum of National Representatives to discuss matters of national concern.
Forum of Sections The chairs of all the Sections make up the Forum of Sections.
FRAD Functional Requirements for Authority Data superseding FRAR
FRANAR Functional Requirements and Numbering of Authority Records
FRAR Functional Requirements for Authority Records possibly superseded by FRAD
FRBR Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records
FRBRoo Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (object oriented) — an attempt to harmonize FRBR with the CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model
FRSAD Functional Requirements for Subject Authority Data equivalent to FRSAR
FRSAR Functional Requirements for Subject Authority Records equivalent to FRSAD
General Assembly (GA) General Assembly meets twice during the annual congress and comprises all IAML members present during the meeting. It has the right to make fundamental decisions on the life of IAML, discussing the plans, the current work and the problems of the Association.
GLASS Greater London Audio Specialisation Scheme — assists interlending of sound recordings
GMD General Material Designation — AACR2 term to be superseded
HEA Higher Education Authority [main source of higher education funds in Irish Republic]
HEFCE Higher Education Funding Council for England (pronounced as Hef-see)
HEFCW Higher Education Funding Council for Wales
HLF Heritage Lottery Fund
HTML Hypertext Markup Language — the basis of the World Wide Web
Hot Topics A session during the congress where issues of current importance can be discussed.
IAMIC International Association of Music Information Centres
IAML International Association of Marvelous Locations— I mean, International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres. Also referred to as the Association.
IASA International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives
ICA International Council on Archives
ICTM International Council of Traditional Music
IFLA International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions
IFPI International Federation of the Phonographic Industry
IIS Institute of Information Scientists — merged with LA to form CILIP
IMC International Music Council
IMS International Musicological Society
INSPIRE Information Sharing Partners in Resources for Education
ISBD International Standard Bibliographic Description
ISMIR International Society for Music Information Retrieval
ISMN International Standard Music Number
ISRC International Standard Recording Code
ISWC International Standard Work Code
ITMA Irish Traditional Music Archive
JISC Joint Information Systems Committee
JSC Joint Steering Committee (for AACR)
LA Library Association — merged with IIS to form CILIP
LABL Library Association/British Library committee to discussing cataloguing rules — now superseded
LC or LoC Library of Congress
LCSH Library of Congress Subject Headings
LIP Library and Information Plan
LLiL Libraries and Learners in London
LLGC Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru = National Library of Wales
MARBI Machine-Readable Bibliographic Information committee — of ALA
MARC MAchine-Readable Cataloguing (also UKMARC, USMARC, MARC21, UNIMARC etc.)
MARCXML MARC coding recast as XML
MCPS/PRS Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society/Performing Rights Society Alliance
Membership Committee This committee focuses on the members and membership of IAML.
Mentors and mentees First-time IAML attendees may be assigned to a mentor to receive guidance and orientation during the congress week. This can be requested on the congress registration form.
METS Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard
MILDRED Music in Libraries: Directory and Resource Discovery
MLA Museums, Libraries and Archives Council
MLA Music Library Association (US branch of IAML)
MLO Music Libraries Online
MLT Music Libraries Trust
MODS Metadata Object Description Schema
MOLA Major Orchestra Librarians’ Association
MPEG Moving Picture Experts Group (content and metadata standards as in e.g. MPEG 7)
NAMHE National Association of Musicians in Higher Education
National Branch The official IAML representation in a country, usually closely aligned with the national music library association. IAML has 26 national branches but members in over 40 countries.
NFIP National Forum for Information Planning
NISC National Information Services Corporation
NLI National Library of Ireland
NLS National Library of Scotland
NLW Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru = National Library of Wales
NOF New Opportunities Fund
NSA defunct acronym for: British Library Sound Archive
NUI National University of Ireland [as in NUI Maynooth, NUI Galway, etc.]
ONIX Online Information Exchange (an international standard for exchange of publishers’ information)
OOD Object-oriented design also OOP Object-oriented programming
OUP Oxford University Press
Outreach Committee This committee "reaches out" to offer and provide assistance both to individuals and institutions facing significant economic challenges.
OWL Web Ontology Language
PADS defunct acronym for: AHDS Performing Arts
Performance ephemera Ephemera refers to items such as concert programs, tickets, posters, etc.—things not meant to last longer than the event for which they were created (not the mayfly, Ephemera vulgata).
Poster session Information is presented on a paper poster where you can learn about current projects. The posters are on display during the congress but during the Poster Sessions, the authors will be present to talk about the content.
Project Group A Project Group carries out specific assignments, or prepares reports, statements or publications.
PRS see MCPS/PRS Alliance
PULMAN Public Libraries Mobilising Advanced Networks
QUB Queen’s University Belfast
RAK Regeln für die alphabetische Katalogisierung — German cataloguing code
RAM Royal Academy of Music
RASCAL Research and Special Collections Available Locally [resource database originally developed in Northern Ireland, now being extended throughout Ireland]
RCM Royal College of Music
RDA Resource Description and Access (successor to AACR2)
RDF Resource Description Framework — a W3C metadata specification
RDN Resource Discovery Network
RIAM Royal Irish Academy of Music
RIdIM Répertoire International d’Iconographie Musicale
RILM Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale
RIPM Répertoire International de la Presse Musicale
RISC Répertoire International des Spectacles et Concerts
RISM Répertoire International des Sources Musicales
RNCM Royal Northern College of Music
RPiM Recent Publications in Music, an annual international bibliography of music publications, available as a database on the IAML website.
R-Projects, the Rs These are 4 bibliographical projects co-sponsored by IAML and the IMS: RISM, RILM, RIdIM, and RIPM. (They are pronounced as one word, not as individual letters.)
RSAMD Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama
RSLG Research Support Libraries Group
RSLP Research Support Libraries Programme
RSS Really Simple Syndication among other interpretations. A means for distribution of web content by means of XML feeds to certain web browsers or RSS readers/RSS aggregators.
RTE Radio Telefís Éireann [Irish national broadcaster)
Section IAML has Institutional Sections that bring together members working in the same professional field or type of institution. Subject Sections deal with types of library activity.
SGML Standard Generalized Markup Language — the superset that includes HTML, XHTML, XML …
SHEFC Scottish Higher Education Funding Council
SIBMAS Société Internationale des Bibliothèques et des Musées des Arts du Spectacle = International Association of Libraries and Museums of the Performing Arts
SMD Specific Material Designation — AACR2 term to be superseded
SQL Structured Query Language — the most widespread database access method
SMI Society for Musicology in Ireland
SRU Search/Retrieve via URL — a standard search protocol for Internet search queries
SRW Search/Retrieve Web service — a web service for search and retrieval
Study Group A Study Group falls under the auspices of a Section to address narrowly defined issues of ongoing importance.
SWRLS South Western Regional Library System
TBC To be confirmed (NOT tuberculosis, as in some languages!)
TCD Trinity College Dublin
TCM Trinity College of Music [London] later Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance
TIG Theatre Information Group
UCC University College Cork
UCD University College Dublin
UL University of Limerick
UPC Universal Product Code (i.e. the barcode on all North-American products) see also EAN
VIAF Virtual International Authority File
VRA Visual Resources Association
W3C World Wide Web Consortium
WILIP Wider Information and Library Issues Project
WiLL What’s in London Libraries
Working meeting (open) Topics relating to the goals of a committee, section, etc. will be discussed and anyone may attend.
Working meeting (closed) Topics relating to the goals of the committee, group, etc. will be discussed but attendance is by invitation only.
WSIS World Summit on the Information Society
XHTML A strict version of HTML — conforming to XML syntax rules
XML Extensible Markup Language
Z39.50 Client–server search and retrieval protocol (also known as ISO 23950 – see what they did there?)

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