United States

Music Library Association
IAML-US / IAML United States branch

To connect with a board member of IAML-US, send a message to us@iaml.info.

Board members:

President: Liza Vick 
Past President: Susannah Cleveland
Recording Secretary: Misti Shaw
Administrative Officer: Tracey Rudnick
Assistant Administrative Officer: Elizabeth Hille Cribbs
Members-at-Large: Brian McMillan
Parliamentarian (2020-2022)
Casey Mullin
Fiscal Officer (2020-2022)
Diane Steinhaus
Planning and Reports Officer (2020-2022)
Kristi Bergland
Assistant Parliamentarian (2021-2023)
  Marci Cohen
Assistant Fiscal Officer (2021-2023)
  Scott Stone
Assistant Planning and Reports Officer (2021-2023)
 Student/Early Career Representative: Ellen Ogihara

Branch reports

Electronic publications


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