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The purpose of the Copyright Committee is to keep a watching brief on issues relating to copyright and related areas as they affect the bodies represented by IAML, to advise the IAML Board, to contribute to IAML policy development within the Committee’s area of expertise, and to represent the voice of the international music library community in copyright and intellectual property concerns. The Committee will also maintain useful copyright-related resources on the IAML website, collaborate with other IAML committees, groups and subgroups where specific expertise may be provided, and cooperate with other international and regional intellectual property organizations to ensure that the concerns of the music library community are voiced. Members are appointed to the Committee with a view to achieving broad representation across the various copyright territories. The Committee will comprise no fewer than 10 and no more than 16 members.

IAML Copyright Position Statement

IAML represents the interests of music libraries, archives and documentation centres around the world. It advocates for a copyright regime that balances the rights of creators to be recognised and rewarded for their work, with the rights of the end user legally to access content.

IAML is a signatory to the London Manifesto, which advocates for:

  1. Harmonised exceptions
  2. A new “open norm”
  3. The right to lend
  4. The right to acquire
  5. The right to mine
  6. Rights for disabled people
  7. The right to enjoy statutory exceptions
  8. The right to cross-border uses
  9. The right to mass digitize commercially unavailable research collections
  10. Standardised terms of protection for copyright

IAML is committed to lobbying on behalf of the organisations it represents, responding to copyright consultations and working in collaboration with intellectual property organizations worldwide to ensure the needs of the music library, archive and documentation centre community are represented in dialogues at an international level.

Projects and resources

Consultation responses


2020 - 2023

Chair: Phillippa Mckeown-Green, New Zealand


Beatriz Magalhães Castro (Brazil)
Kyra Folk-Farber (USA)
Kyla Jemison (Canada)
Sharon Kanach (France)
Katie Lai (Hong Kong)
Andreas Odenkirchen (Germany)
Tammy Ravas (USA)
Kaie Viigipuu-Kreintaal (Estonia)

Past officers: 

Claire Kidwell, UK (Chair)

Helen Faulkner, UK (Chair)

Richard Chesser, UK (Acting Chair)

Federica Riva, Italy (Chair); Richard Chesser, UK (Secretary)

Anne Le Lay, France (Chair); Richard Chesser, UK (Secretary)

Materials presented in the sessions

Année: 2019

Année: 2018

Année: 1997

  • David Farneth (Kurt Weill Foundation of Music, New York), Emanuella Giavarra (Coordinator of the European Copyright User Platform), Valérie Game (Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris)


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