Fontes contents 2004 (vol. 51)

Volume 51/1, January - March 2004

Papers from the "Legacies: 500 Years of Printed Music" Conference, Denton, Texas, September 2001, and from the International Musicological Society Conference, Louvain, 2002

  • The Musical Warhorses of Juan de Urrede Kenneth Kreitner
  • Petrucci and His Shadow: A Study of Reception History Marilee J. Mouser
  • The Composer's House: Le magasin de musique de Cherubini, Méhul, R. Kreutzer, Rode, Nicolo Isouard, et Boieldieu Bruce R. Schueneman and MarÍa de Jesús Ayala-Schueneman
  • Ottaviano Petrucci, Paragon of Printing Perfection? Observations on his 1506 Lamentationum Jeremie prophete Liber primus and Liber secundus Peter J. D. Scott
  • Pierre Phalése as Music Editor: The Madrigal Anthology Musica divina (1583) Susan Lewis Hammond
  • Berg vs. Gerlach: Printing and Lasso's Imperial Privilege of 1582 Rebecca Oettinger


  • Huib Deetman Eric Cooper
  • Leslie Troutman Paul Cauthen


  • Cataloger's Judgement: Music Cataloging Questions and Answers from the Music OCLC Users Group Newsletter. By Jay Weitz Michael Colby
  • Im Dienst der Quellen zur Musik: Festschrift Gertraut Haberkamp zum 65. Geburtstag. Edited by Paul Mai Chris Walton
  • Quellen zur Geschichte emigrirter Musiker/Sources relating to the History of Emigré Musicians, 1933-1950. Vol. 1: Kalifornien/California. By Horst Weber and Manuela Schwartz Philip V. Bohlman
  • John Mansfield Thomson: Notes towards a Biography. Edited by Margaret Clark, with Jim Colling and Martin Lodge Philip Jane
  • Standard e documenti musicali: i numeri, i modelli, i formati. By Nicola Tangari Fiorella Pomponi
  • Musicalisches Lexicon oder Musicalische Bibliothec. By Johann Gottfried Walther. Edited by Friederike Ramm Chris Walton
  • The Letters of Arturo Toscanini. Edited by Harvey Sachs Chris Walton


Volume 51/2, April - June 2004

Special Norwegian number. Guest editor: Berit Holth

  • Editorial Berit Holth
  • The National Music Collection--Norsk Musikksaming Jovid Nordal Baumann, Inger Johanne Christiansen
  • 100 Years of Recorded Sound within the Arctic Circle: Music Collections and the National Library of Norway, Rana Division Trond Valberg
  • Digital Radio Archives at the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation Marit Grimstad
  • Bibliographic Treatment of Music Scores and Sound Recordings at the National Library of Norway Unni Knutsen
  • Why does the Public Library need a Music Department, and why should it continue to be federally funded? Ann Kunish
  • Mittelalterliche Musikfragmente in Norwegen Gisela Attinger
  • Agathe Backer Grondahl (1947-1907) Cecilie Dahm
  • Eivind Groven's Pure-Tuned Organ in Historical and Aesthetic Perspective Anne Jorun Kydland Lysdahl
  • Sur l'utilite des archives et des bibliotheques: un temoinage personnel Havard Skaadel
  • 25 Years of the Music Information Centre Norway Hilde Holbaek-Hanssen
  • The North Norway Folk Music Collection at the Tromso Museum: the foremost Archive of Lapp Music Ola Graff
  • Norwegische Volksmusik im Schallarchiv Hans-Hinrich Thedens
  • The Grieg Archives at Bergen Public Library Siren Steen
  • The new Thematic Catalogue of Edvard Grieg's Works, and its Predecessors: Some Considerations Oyvind Norheim
  • The Norwegian Jazz Archive: a Centre of Authority Finn J. Kramer Johansen
  • A Calendar of Norwegian Music Festivals Berit Holth


  • Günter Bialas: Werkverzeichnis. By Gabriele E. Meyer. Joseph Strauss: kommentiertes Werkverzeichnis. By Franz Mailer Heikko Poroila
  • Der Streit ums "Deutsche": Alfred Heuss und die Zeitschrift für Musik. By Oliver Hilmes Jan Dewilde
  • Berlioz, la voix du romantisme. Edited by Catherine Massip and Cécile Reynaud Julian Rushton


Volume 51/3-4, July-December 2004

Articles from IAML's conference in Estonia, 2003; Guest Editor: Ilvi Rauna

  • The Publishing Scene for Music Research in Estonia Aurika Gergeležiu
  • Music in Estonian Research Libraries Katre Riisalu
  • The Publishing Situation in Latvia Marina Mikhailets
  • Tradition Music in Estonia Today Ingrid Rüütel
  • A Century of Collecting and Preserving Estonian Traditional Music Anu Vissel
  • Folk Hymns as a Source of Cyrillus Kreek's Compositions Anu Kolar
  • Integral vs. Derivative Use of Balto-Finnic Traditional Song in the Choral Compositions of Veljo Tormis Mimi S. Daitz
  • Eduard Tubin: Current Research and Publishing Projects Magnus Pärtlas
  • Big or Small? Archives of Latvian Folklore as a Public Source of Information Aldis Putelis
  • La Création de Musikene et la nouvelle structure des bibliothèques des centres d'enseignement musical de la Communauté Autonome du Pays Basque Koldo Bravo
  • The Vienna City Library's Johann Strauss II Collection Thomas Aigner
  • A Critical Edition for Jean Sibelius Glenda Dawn Goss
  • Musiksammlungen in Lettland: Situation und Probleme Daina Gauja
  • Das Archiv der Sing-Akademie zu Berlin Joachim Jaenecke

IAML Reports

  • IAML Council Meetings, Tallinn 2003 Alison Hall

Commission, Working Group and Other Reports

  • Cataloging
  • Libraries in Music Teaching Institutions
  • Research Libraries
  • Bibliography Commission

National Reports


  • Robert Schumann: thematisch-bibliographisches Werkverzeichnis. By Margit L. McCorkle Nicholas Marston
  • Dirigentinnen im 20. Jahrhundert: Porträts von Marin Alsop bis Simone Young. By Elke Mascha Blankenburg Beate Redlich
  • Lexikon der Violine. Baugeschichte-Spielpraxis-Komponisten und ihre Werke-Interpreten. Edited by Stefan Drees Martin Elste

2002 Treasurer's Report


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