Fontes contents 2001 (vol. 48)

Volume 48/1, January - March 2001

Special 50th Anniversary issue

Maria Calderisi, Guest Editor

  • Frontispiece: Hourglass Nanna Schiødt
  • To our readers Maria Calderisi
  • Ein halbes Jahrhundert Harald Heckmann
  • Un demi siècle d'existence Harald Heckmann, traduit par Michaëla Rubi
  • Half a Century Harald Heckmann, translated by Malcolm Turner
  • Souvenirs, souvenirs... François Lesure
  • Memories, memories... François Lesure, translated by Malcolm Turner
  • Erinnerungen, Erinnerungen... François Lesure. Übersetzung von Wolfgang Krueger
  • Liste des Membres du Congrès et des Observateurs, Paris, 22-25 juillet 1951
  • Photo Gallery
  • The Presidents / Les Président(e)s / Die Präsident(inn)en
  • From our Members / De nos Membres / Von unseren Mitgliedern
  • Partners and Friends / Associés et Amis / Partnern und Freunden
  • Chronology of IAML Inger Enquist


Volume 48/2, April - June 2001

Printing and Publishing Issue

Stanley Boorman, Guest Editor

  • Editorial John Wagstaff
  • Thoughts on the popularity of printed music in 16th century Italy Stanley Boorman
  • L'edition musicale en France au XVI siecle: etat de la recherche Laurent Guillo
  • Print culture and the Elizabethan composer Jeremy Smith
  • Les emprunts aux editions perdues de Le Roy & Ballard identifiables dans le repertoire pour instruments a cordes pincées publié a Louvain par Pierre Phalèse Henri Vanhulst


  • The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, 2nd edition. Edited by Stanley Sadie. Judy Tsou
  • The music of Francis Poulenc. By Carl B. Schmidt. Bérengère Demerliac
  • Musik in Bibliotheken. By Kurt Dorfmuller and Markus Muller-Benedict. Raymond Dittrich
  • Schiller-Vertonungen. Von Georg Günther. Joachim Jaenecke
  • Schubert and his World. By Peter Clive. Jennifer Bollerman
  • Johann Wanhal, Viennese Symphonist. By Paul Bryan. Heikki Poroila
  • Musical Americans. By Mary DuPree. Martin Jenkins
  • Pro-Musica: Patronage, Performance, and a Periodical. By Paula Elliot. Martin Jenkins

National Branches

Information, News and Reports


Volume 48/3, July - September 2001

  • In memoriam Simone Wallon Catherine Massip
  • Music Printing in Mozart's Vienna: the Artaria Press Rupert Ridgewell
  • Gifts, Purchases, the Lottery and the Treasury Hugh Cobbe
  • Children and the Music Library Heikki Poroila
  • A Little-Known Collection of Early-Eighteenth-Century Vocal Music at Schloss Elisabethburg Meiningen Lawrence Bennett
  • Review-Article: Catalogue of Early Music Prints from the Collections of the Former Preussische Staatsbibliothek in Berlin, kept at the Jagiellonian Library in Cracow. Compiled by Aleksandra Patalas Pietro Zappalà


  • Suid-Afrikaanse Musiekwoordeboek/South African Music Dictionary. Edited by Reino Ottermann and Maria Smit. Stephanus Muller
  • Dizionario degli editori musicali italiani, 1750-1930. Compiled by Maria Bianca Antolini. Licia Sirch

Information, News and Reports


Volume 48/4, October - December 2001

United States Number

Guest Editor: Dan Zager

  • Introduction Dan Zager
  • Music Collections in American Public Libraries Linda B. Fairtile and Karen M. Burke
  • The Early Development of American Music Libraries serving Academic Departments of Music Marjorie Hassan
  • Music Libraries supporting Comprehensive Schools of Music Deborah Campana
  • Music in the Collections of the Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, DC Rachel Doggett
  • Music Collections at the Pierpont Morgan Library J. Rigbie Turner
  • Music Collections at the Newberry Library Susan Summerfield and JoEllen Dickie
  • Music in the Collections of the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center Dell Hollingsworth and David Hunter
  • Music Sound Archives in the United States Mary Russell Bucknum
  • New Facilities, New Potentials: Recent Developments in American Music Libraries Lenore Coral
  • Trends and Issues in Digital Technology Mary Wallace Davidson
  • Recent Publications in Music Geraldine Ostrove


  • Film Composers in America: a Filmography, 1911-1970. By Clifford McCarthy

Information, News, Reports


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