Copyright survey (2008)


At the IAML conference 2003 in Tallinn it was agreed that the Copyright Committee would attempt to gather together information about copyright at international level from the member countries of IAML with three main purposes:

  1. to identify the main sources of the copyright issue in the field of music (laws, codes, guidelines);
  2. to identify copyright issues in the profession of music librarians;
  3. to identify subjects involved in copyright issues (collecting societies, associations).

The survey included 17 questions prepared by Officers of the Committee with the help of representatives of geographical areas. Data were collected through the National Branches in 2004 with a follow up in 2006, here updated to June 2008. The answers to copyright questions can be found here.


A. On copyright legislation and guidelines

  1. What are the most important pieces of copyright legislation in your country?
  2. Is this legislation supplemented by case law (ie law interpreted and defined by the courts)?
  3. (For EU countries) Has the EU copyright harmonisation directive 29/2001 already been implemented in your country? If yes, please specify in which law.
  4. Has your country already implemented legislation covering copyright issue in the digital environment?
  5. Are there any copyright licensing schemes or written agreements involving libraries that cover music in your country?
  6. Has any library body within your country produced guidelines which cover copyright of music?
  7. Have any rights-holders in your country produced a Code of Fair Practice or guidelines covering music materials setting out their interpretation of the copyright law and what acts they will permit?

B. On the content of copyright rules applied to libraries

  1. How long is the term of protection for copyrights related to music in your country?
  2. Please describe the terms under which copyright protected materials may be copied in libraries, covering the following types of material.
  3. In some countries, copyright legislation also covers lending. If this is true of your country, please explain the terms of any restrictions.
  4. Does the law in your country permit libraries to make copies of copyright protected materials for prescribed purposes? If so, please supply details.

C. On subjects involved in copyright issues

  1. Please identify any relevant professional associations or licensing agencies which represent rightsholders in the field of music.
  2. Are there any associations which represent users in your country?
  3. Do you have any experience, or know of any conflict between libraries and music rightsholders in your country?

D. Open questions

  1. What are the most important problems that you would like to resolve as regards music copyright in your country?
  2. When you have a copyright problem, from whom do you obtain expert advice?
  3. Please add any other information about music copyright which you consider important and relevant and which none of the above questions have given you the opportunity to supply.


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