Copyright committee sessions at 2004 conference in Oslo

Monday August 9, 14:15 - 15:45

Session 1: Copyright now!

Presented by the Copyright Committee.
Chair: Federica Riva (Conservatorio di musica "A. Boito", Parma).

  • Copyright in Norway: Printed music and sound recordings. Legal possibilities and limitations when libraries copy and make music material available to the public
    Charlotte Borde (Lawyer at The National Library of Norway)
  • EBLIDA and current EU copyright issues
    Kristine Abelsnes (Member of EBLIDA Copyright Expert Group)
  • An update on changes and issues under discussion affecting copyright of music materials in the USA
    Lenore Coral (Cornell University, Chair, MLA Legislation Committee)
    While there has been no new legislation in the past year regarding copyright in the USA -- there continues to be attempts both to liberalize and to further restrict our copyright laws. I will review these efforts for you. They include:

    • The TEACH Act (PL107-273)
    • The Digital Millenium Copyright Act (PL105-298) -- usually referred to as the DMCA
    • The Copyright extension Act (PL106-113)
    • The "Sonny Bono Act" WIPO concerns involving Fair Tad Agreements

    August 12, 09:15 - 10:45

    Session 2

    Working meeting.

    • Presentation and discussion of the survey Questionnaire on Copyright / Droit d'auteur sent to national branches on March 2004
    • Application of EU directive 2001/29/ EC in national legislations
    • EU Infringement procedure IP/04/60 of 16.1.2004 on EU Directive 92/100, art. 1-5 against six European countries

    Chair: Federica Riva (Conservatorio di musica "A. Boito", Parma)


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