Copyright committee sessions at 2003 conference in Tallinn

Tuesday July 8, 16:15 - 17:45

Session 1: Copyright issues in an expanding EU

Three examples: Estonia, Poland and the Czech Republic. Speakers: Ene Loddes (National Library, Tallinn, Estonia), Anna Michalska (Music Academy, Gdansk, Poland), Zuzana Petraskova (National Library, Prague, Czech Republic)

Presented by the Copyright Committee. Chair: Anne Le Lay (Bibliothèque du CNR, Boulogne Billancourt). 

Friday July 11, 14:15 - 15:45

Session 2

Open working meeting.

Chair: Anne Le Lay (Bibliothèque du CNR, Boulogne Billancourt)

Session report

Anne Le Lay, (Chair of the Committee, Bibliothèque du CNR, Boulogne Billancourt)

Session on Tuesday afternoon: we had three reports from three countries which will join the European union in a few months: Ene Loddes, National Library in Tallinn for Estonia, Anna Michalska, Music Academy of Gdansk, for Poland (and I have to thank Jürg Obrecht who read her paper because unhappily, she could not join the conference) and Zuzana Petraskova, National Library in Prague for the Czech Republic.
Over the last few years, therefore, these countries have bean attempting gradually to change their legislation so that it will comply with the legislation of the rest of the European Union when they join. In the discussion that followed we discussed issues of common interest to Libraries and considered how we might get the assistance of bodies such as EBLIDA to help us. We feel that right holders too often exploite our lack of legal expertise. In the few years time, the implementation of the copyright directive will be reviewed and we must not miss the opportunity to attempt to improve our position.

The second session was a working meeting. We continued our discussion about matters arising from the first session and we had some preliminary thoughts about topics to discuss in Oslo.
Then there are some changes in copyright committee. As your know, chairs of committees are not elected but appointed by the board, that means, for me, since the conference in Perugia in 1996. So it is my seventh conference as chairing copyright sessions, a long time. And I feel a little bit tired. So I asked to the Board and Council for appointing a new chair for copyright committee, Federica Riva. We get up a reorganisation of this committee last year, in Berkeley; a chair, a secretary for relationship with EBLIDA and representatives for large geographical areas: Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Northern America, Southern America, Southern Hemisphere and Africa. Federica was the representative for southern Europe. She becomes the chair of the Committee, and I become the representative for Southern Europe. Finally, I have to thank Stanislaw Hrabia who is now the representative for Eastern Europe.


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