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Martie Severt

Martie Severt is Head of the Music Library of Netherlands Radio in Hilversum, a position he has held since 1998. Previously he was working at the same institution as Librarian Classical Music (1993-1998) and Head of Cataloguing (1990-1993). Prior to this, he was on the staff of the Music Department of the Public Library in The Hague (1981-1990). He holds a BA in Musicology (1981) and an MA of Laws (1987) from Utrecht University. Activities in IAML include positions as Treasurer (1998-), Vice-chair of the Broadcasting and Orchestra Libraries Branch (1996-2002; 2005-), member of the RILM Commission Mixte (2004-) as well as Dutch correspondent for Fontes Artis Musicae (1993-). He attended his first International Conference in 1991. He is the initiator and cofounder of the NVMB (1996), the Dutch IAML Branch, and has served on its board as Secretary/Treasurer (1997-). He served on the board of the music section of the Public Libraries Association (1991-1995) and edited its Newsletter (1991-1994). He contributed to the Periodicals article in The New Grove Dictionary 2nd edition (2001) and is a member of MLA and KVNM (Royal Society for Music History of the Netherlands).



Jon Bagues Erriondo

Director of ERESBIL-Basque Archives of Music. In 1985 he founded the early music group "Capilla Peñaflorida". Graduated in History of Art (1977), Doctorate (1990) in Barcelona. Studies of Archivistic and Documentation in Madrid (1982-83). He has written two monographs and some articles. He has been the first President of the "Asociación Española de Documentación Musical" Spanish Branch of IAML. In 1998 he was the coordinator of IAML's Conference in San Sebastian.


Jim Cassaro

Since 1999 Jim Cassaro has been Head of the Theodore M. Finney Music Library at the University of Pittsburgh and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music. Previously, he was Assistant Music Librarian at Cornell University (1983-1999), on the staff of North Texas State University (1980-1983) and at the Music Library of the SUNY Buffalo (1980). He has a BA in Music (1978), MLS (1980) from SUNY Buffalo and MA in Musicology from Cornell University (1993). He has been Active in MLA, IAML, the American Musicological Society, the Society of Dance History Scholars, and the Society for American Music. President of the MLA (2001-2003), Treasurer (1994-1998), and on numerous committees. Chair of the IAML Cataloging Commission (1991-99), and now Chair of the Program Committee. From 2003-2005 he was Review Editor (U.S. & Canada) for Fontes Artis Musicae, and is now editor of Notes, the quarterly journal of the Music Library Association. Also Editor of the GLSG Newsletter, and Chair of the Society for American Music's Development Committee (1999-2000). He has published widely on a number of topics and has been a IAML Vice-President since 2004.


Michel Fingerhut

A trained mathematician and computer scientist, he is the founder and director of the Multimedia Library and Engineering Bureau of IRCAM, where he manages both collection and infrastructure development. He is the editor of the e-newsletter of IAML. He is a member of the Steering Committee of ISMIR, a yearly international conference on music information retrieval, of which he chaired the 2002 edition. He is currently working, among other things, on the development of a portal for heritage ethnomusicological archives for French national institutions, as well as of another portal for contemporary learned music, among other projects.


Aurika Gergeleziu

Aurika Gergeležiu has an MA in Information Studies from Tallinn University. She has worked at the National Library of Estonia (NLE) since 1989. From 1998 to 2004 she was Chief Specialist of the Fine Arts Information Centre and since 2005 she is Co-ordinator of Bibliographic Activities. She is currently President of the Estonian IAML Branch (Secretary 1994-2000). She has served as Vice Chair and Secretary of the IAML Research Libraries Branch (1996-2002) and is a member of the Ad-hoc Committee on the Structure of IAML Conferences. She is also involved in Estonian RILM work. She was Chair of the Organizing Committee of the IAML Annual Conference in Tallinn in 2003 and the first Balto-Nordic Music Libraries Conference in Tallinn in1999. She teaches cataloguing at the Tallinn University, has given courses on music cataloguing and has organized training for Estonian music librarians.

Elizabeth GIULIANI

Elizabeth Giuliani

Librarian and Deputy to the Director of the Audiovisual Dept (BnF), Elizabeth coordinates activities relating to bibliographic control and the information system. She's an active member of French, European & international standards authorities, and presides over expert groups charged with drawing up the bibliographic description of sound and moving image materials as well as the standard for structuring access to uniform titles for music works. She facilitates different working groups on identification of works. She regularly contributes to L'Avant-Scène Opéra. She contributes to the monthly musical column of the review Étude.

Stanislaw HRABIA

Stanislaw Hrabia

Stanislaw Hrabia is Music Librarian and Head of the Library of the Institute of Musicology at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland. He graduated in Musicology and holds a post-graduate degree in Information Science from the Jagiellonian University. In 2006 he obtained a certificate of advanced studies in librarianship. He teaches Music Bibliography and Music Research Methods. From 1997 to 1999, as a Kosciuszko Foundation Fellow, he worked in the Hillman Library of the University of Pittsburgh, PA (USA) cataloguing music collection from the Polish National Alliance College. He is co-author with Stanislaw Bedkowski of Witold Lutoslawski:a bio-bibliography (Greenwood Press, 2001). Since 2006 he has been President of the Polish National Branch of IAML and Chair of the Music Libraries Section of the Polish Librarians Association. In 2002 he became Vice-chair of Research Libraries Branch (second term since 2005) and representative for the Eastern Europe in IAML Copyright Committee (2003) and member of the IAML Programme Committee (2006). He was also a member of the Organising Committee of the IAML Annual Conference in Warsaw 2005.


Jutta Lambrecht

Since 1991 Jutta Lambrecht has been Archive Director in the department of Documentation and Archives of the Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) Köln. Amongst other tasks, she manages the Sheet Music Archive and the Music Information Division (including music advising for film and radio contributions) and is responsible for the Studio für Elektronische Musik des WDR project. She has a Doctorate in Musicology from the University of Bonn, and completed a two-year postgraduate training program in Superior (academic) Library Studies at the Staatsbibliothek Preußischer Kulturbesitz Berlin. Subsequently, she worked in the Music Department there until 1991. She as a member of the Commission for Training of the Verein Deutscher BibliothekarInnen (1988-1991). She was tutor in library sciences and music at the University for Applied Science in Bonn (1991 - 2003). Jutta attended her first national IAML Conference in 1988 and her first International Conference in 1992. She has been Editor-in-Chief of the professional journal, Forum Musikbibliothek (27. Jg.) since 1999, and the Chair of the Broadcasting and Orchestra Libraries Branch since 2002. She is a member of the Verein Deutscher BibliothekarInnen and of Gesellschaft für Musikforschung Zahlreiche. She contributes reviews and articles for New Grove 2, Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart (2nd edition) and Komponisten der Gegenwart.


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