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Charles Ives Rare and Non-Commercial Sound Recordings Collection available online

The Irving S. Gilmore Music Library, Yale University (USA) is pleased to announce the completion of an 18-month project, generously funded by a grant from the Grammy Museum, focused on preserving approximately 335 hours of unique non-commercial audio, predominantly from 1937-1956, featuring music by Charles Ives (1874-1954). The 436 recordings, that now make up the Charles Ives Rare and Non-Commercial Sound Recordings Collection (MSS 14 HSR), many on highly fragile legacy recording formats, were digitized during the project and are now available for research.

IAML Congress Diary #9: A Trip to Leipzig: SIMSSA XV and IAML

The ninth congress diary sharing an aspect of the 2018 IAML Congress in Leipzig is by Emily Hopkins (Single Interfact for Music Score Searching and Analysis (SIMSSA)). It was originally published on the SIMSSA blog and has been republished here with permission:


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